Anatomy Next #MeetTheStartups

Last, but not least – meet our second Latvian team, that has already proved itself by building a successful platform for artists and designers to learn anatomy and now are taking medical education into 21st century!


Startup Wise Guys Riga powered by Lattelecom presents: Anatomy Next

Anatomy Next is an interactive web based platform and augmented reality application that helps medical students to learn and professors to teach human anatomy. Platform consists of digital tools and 3D visualizations that help students to find all resources they need at one place and interact with anatomical systems in life-like experiences.

They are working together with University of Washington and University of Latvia medical schools to bring the solution to market. These two schools and Riga Stradins University are the early adapters, ready to introduce our product in their education systems in early 2017 when our first sell-able product Head & Neck Anatomy will be ready. Anatomy Next is addressing $1.5 Billions medical software education market targeting 500 medical universities in US and Europe. For an average size US university they would charge 100K/year license fee.

The team behind Anatomy Next: CEO Sandis Kondrats, Innovation officer Uldis Zarins, CTO Janis Kondrats, COO Reinis Znotins, Senior 3D artist Kristaps Raits, Senior Software Engineer Agnis Vegners, Medical Advisor – Evangelist Ieva Grinberga and Medical Advisor – Developer Reinis Jansons.

We asked them 5 questions, here’s what they said:

1) Who is your dream angel investor?

Elon Musk

2) What’s your current favourite startup?

Anatomy Next – because we want to make the world a better place, better than others do

3) What’s the one question you’d like to get an answer to?

How to make the world a better place, better than others do?

4) Who’s your biggest competitor and how are you planning to crush them?

Microsoft because they are leading the augmented reality technology development. We’re simply going to buy Microsoft

5) Would your team rather only drink room temperature coffee or attend the same networking event, every day, Monday to Friday, for the rest of 2016? Why?

Room temperature coffee of course, because startups need coffee even if the quality sometimes is not the best


With this we finish introduction of our Batch 7 startups. Still a bit more than a month left for intensive work. See you at the Demo Day on December 15th in Riga!