NeoSound #MeetTheStartups

#MeetTheStartups continues with our team from Belarus that stands out with their mathematical talent and creativity.


Startup Wise Guys Riga powered by Lattelecom presents: NeoSound

NeoSound is a technology that translates any sound into meaningful information. NeoSound is represented as a cloud service for software developers to solve their sound processing needs. For example, with our technology it is possible to build a mobile app for music creation requiring only users’ singing. NeoSound recognition algorithm exceeds existing technologies by its quality and accuracy.

The team behind NeoSound: Alex Astafiev (CTO, co-founder), Aliaksei Dzehtsiarou (quality assurance engineer), Aliaksei Mkrtychan (designer), Andrew Matusevich – (CSO, responsible for science and core algorithm, co-founder), Denis Ardabatsky (CEO, co-founder), Nadzeya Karaban (mobile apps engineer).

1) Who is your dream angel investor?

A Godfather – somebody who likes what we do and is ready to get involved

2) What’s your current favourite startup?

Apart from NeoSound? We wouldn’t call it “favourite”, but there are some startups we respect, among them Belarussian startup OnTourCloud – tour scheduling for musicians and organizers of concerts

3) What’s the one question you’d like to get an answer to?

OMG we have only one chance to ask?

4) Who’s your biggest competitor and how are you planning to crush them?

Google; we don’t want to crush them, people will simply be using our solutions

5) Would your team rather only drink room temperature coffee or attend the same networking event, every day, Monday to Friday, for the rest of 2016? Why?

With coffee it is hard to learn something new, but in a repetitive networking event you can at least try different pitches. And when you get really bored, you can try going there naked…


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