WhatTheBus #MeetTheStartups

Let’s meet our Batch 7 team with experience from Transferwise and proving that Estonian e-residency clearly works: our Estonian startup with Indian founders. Besides, their brand name has brought a lot of fun in our co-working space.


Startup Wise Guys Riga powered by Lattelecom presents: WhatTheBus

WhatTheBus is airbnb for bus rentals. We connect bus companies with individuals and groups who are looking to rent a bus.

Team behind WhatTheBus: Hemant Kumar is the CEO and manages product and engineering, and Anand Venu is the COO and manages marketing and business development. Both come from India and are ex-TransferWisers. As a first employee at his previous startup, Hemant built a global distribution system for buses for Malaysia and Singapore.

We asked them 5 questions, here’s what they said:

1) Who is your dream angel investor?

Erik Blachford or someone from travel domain who has invested in or built a successful company

2) What’s your current favourite startup?

Teleport (Estonia) because it provides valuable insights for expats like us about places which are best suited for your skills and interests. They are making the world borderless!

3) What’s the one question you’d like to get an answer to?

How many people rented a bus in Europe yesterday, grouped by cities?

4) Who’s your biggest competitor and how are you planning to crush them?

Shofur.com, no plans to crush them yet as we are in different markets

5) Would your team rather only drink room temperature coffee or attend the same networking event, every day, Monday to Friday, for the rest of 2016? Why?

Room temperature coffee, because coffee is good at all the temperatures, but with people – it makes sense meeting different ones


One more team left to be introduced – stay tuned!