11 international teams selected for #batch8

From more than 250 applications and after tough selection rounds we have chosen 11 teams to go through the Tallinn acceleration program (#batch8). It’s a colourful batch in many senses – having 9 nationalities, a female CEO and developers, a professional singer, a PhD in Physics, a hacker and overall mission and dreams driven entrepreneurs. It’s gonna be an amazing ride for sure!

We will be introducing startups more in detail in coming weeks, but here’s a list of our 11 super-teams that have just started the program in Tallinn:

Airis Vision (Romania) – A technology that can recognize and localize objects and concepts in photos, videos and live streams directly into low end devices, not in the cloud.

bNesis (Ukraine) – A safer and more reliable solution to rapidly integrate any app with multiple cloud services.

Cenos (Latvia) – Integrating open source engineering modeling software solutions into a single platform, challenging the expensive CAD/CAE software giants.

Fanvestory (Estonia) – With Fanvestory fans and investors can earn long-term revenue from the commercial use of copyrighted songs.

Inapptics (Armenia) – Inapptics helps app creators to visually analyze actual user behavior and improve their apps with proactive insights.

Induto (Belarus) – Increasing the efficiency of managing teams for managers of distributed teams, through a structured video messaging solution.

IntelFlows (Denmark/Romania) – With a network of thousands of mobility vehicles that collect environmental data, we are able to have the best understanding of our environment.

Mobscale Labs (India) – Helping app owners better understand their customers using analytics and drive more engagement and revenue through personalized communication.

Robotic Solutions (Latvia) – Giving industrial equipment the ability to communicate with each other and work in teams.

VRNET.IO (Ukraine) – Making it easy for architects & interior designers to show their customers how their future home is going to look like, using virtual reality technology.

Welltrado (Lithuania) – An innovative alternative investment marketplace showing unique investment opportunities through emerging financial technology.

Stay tuned!