AIris: doing cold calls is like flirting

One of our current batch startups proves that the Big Brother is watching you, but that such technologies as AI based image recognition can also greatly help with finding missing people or managing adult content appearance for young internet users. Meet AIris from Romania and read more how their CEO Bogdan Grumezescu prepares for cold calls.

If you want to sell something, doing cold calls is an inevitable part of that. You could compare it to a flirting process: you need to steadily make small steps that bring you to the ultimate goal. For example, understanding, what kind of person you are approaching, catching attention, transmitting trust, engaging in dialogue, and bringing communication further.

For me – it is not that I would not like cold calls, rather I always question myself – do I know enough of stuff to make them happen: understanding the needs and expectations , the personality type, how he/she thinks, what’s his/her network and background etc. Gathering that type of information empowers any outreach, be it a public pitch or cold call.

And I also believe that everybody deserves a second chance and fair feedback. Sometimes you don’t “click” with a person straight away, but it does not mean that you don’t have business potential or that you cannot make a good relationship.


AIris is a video analytics tool,  based on their own AI visual recognition technology that recognizes, understands, localizes objects and actions in photos, videos and live streams. In a nutshell, they put brains for visual recognition in embedded devices and applications.

AIris has developed their our own AI, and for this reason they can run directly to low-end devices. They are hardware agnostic and OS agnostic. The core focus is to make cameras truly smart. It is ready-to-use in embedded devices and to be scale-up from embedded devices to servers.

This technology is applicable in various industries, as you can add live streams from cameras, draw a virtual fence in live streams for triggering alarms and rules, count the numbers of objects, perform face recognition with designated unique IDs for faces (and track-able by all cameras), detect gender & age, and all of that in a very intuitive way. Furthermore you can see the analytics reports and integrate with third party apps.