bNesis: If you know the people, you can solve any problem

It’s already the middle of our Batch 8 accelerator program. The teams have survived mentors challenging the core of their  business model, their sales processes and product, as well as team building in Estonian woods. So we think it’s about time we start introducing them one by one. To do so, we asked each startup team to share one life-hack or lesson learned that made sense to them and would be beneficial to others.

Meet bNesis and read their CEO Dmitriy’s version about networking and how to leverage your existing social circle.

The most important thing in any business is networking. Even before I was working on a startup I had this feeling – that if you know the people you can solve any problem.

One of my networking hacks is – start from something small. With that I mean first leveraging your existing social circle, existing contacts. Basic connections with people whom you know and that are close to you, will also help you reach others. And it doesn’t matter if you’re hiring a developer or looking for B2B sales deal – you never know whom your friend, relative or acquaintance might know.

Then I always prefer personal and live communication, ideally meetings. However, if you have no other way, write those “cold emails”. Actually, don’t be afraid to write to anyone. But remember three things – keep it short, keep it personal (mentioning person’s name and where you got his contacts from is absolute minimum) and seek ways to give in return. And always do what your promise.

Last, but not least, from a very selfish point (and specially for startups) – networking can be amazing source of feedback. So I encourage you – ask anyone, and I literally mean anyone: do they understand what you’re doing, does it make sense, is it necessary, would they buy it. They might see problems with your business you never knew existed or open up opportunities and become your clients in least expected situations.

bNesis is a B2B startup from Ukraine that combines multiple CRM, e-Commerce and Marketing services with all their functionality into a single solution. They already have first paying customers and more than 50 partners. Team: Dmitriy Norenko, Denys Kirin, Sergii Karpeko.

Instead of integrating necessary services separately, wasting a lot of time and money on each of them, our customers integrate bNesis only and get access to multiple cloud services. Moreover, all the data between customers’ apps and cloud services is transferred only directly, making data transfer absolutely safe and reliable for our customers.
In addition, our machine learning technology can simplify app development, offering fully ready samples and cloud services that may be necessary exactly for the specific customer and even may find bugs in the code. It is operating depending on experience with other customers, technologies that are used in the app and even the geographical position of the customer.