CEnOS: your thinking impacts the outside world

Let’s continue introducing our teams. Here is a life lesson on relaxing and positive thinking from CEnOS CTO Raimonds. Bear in mind this coming from a team of scientists with PhD’s in Physics and Mathematics.

I recently read a book called “Instant Motivation” by Chantal Burns. It had quite an impact on me realizing how much our internal thought processes and emotions affect external situations.

Let’s for example consider stress or whatever bad feelings that are related to work. The boss is pushing you, the deadlines swooping by, the level of stress raising and you feel upset, anxious, angry or whatever effect it has on you. Although it might seem this comes from the circumstances, i.e., the outside world, when actually this is rather a result of your thinking, of your inner world. As someone else exposed to exactly the same circumstances might not be stressed or upset at all.

Might seem a commonsense to some of you, but for me it was a valuable reminder to relax and try to change the way of thinking, once in stressful situations.


CEnOS is a B2B startup from Latvia that creates a single environment for engineering simulation software, automating data transfer and control between them.

Engineering simulation as the main activity within R&D process at industrial corporates is still unavailable for small and medium size engineering companies due to high costs of software licenses. Moreover, even those who have such software, are limited in use of supercomputers due to license costs, that means limitation in time-to-market of their products. Alternatively, engineers may use open source software, which breaks the mentioned limits. However, usually simulation needs to use various open source modeling software, which takes hours and hours to manually transfer and modify data from software to software. CEnOS solution allows to use open source software solely or on top of usual commercial software in order to boost the speed of R&D and reduce license costs.

They already have 32 beta-testers from around the world. Team consists of CEO Mihails Ščepanskis, CTO Raimonds Viļums and CSO Vadims Geza.