Democratizing Angel investments together with Funderbeam


We are in the starting phase of our fundraising campaign on Funderbeam (more than 70K raised, 25 days to go), and many people ask us – what made us take such a step. “Straight-forward” answer would be that running an intensive business accelerator program and investing in startups requires quite a lot of money, but it actually goes way further than this.

When founding Startup Wise Guys accelerator 4 years ago, we were fueled by mission to boost local startup ecosystem. And we realized that it works in two ways – supporting those, who have the ideas and guts to build startups, but also developing supporting environment that brings investments.

Public fundraising for us meant to go even further on the second goal, widening the circle of investors and motivating the future Business Angels to take the first step. Already now we see that many of Startup Wise Guys investors for previous batches are not professionals in this field, but rather successful business people with surplus money. For them the risk of investing in individual startups is too high, as screening and selecting the best ones takes hell of a work and time (trust us, we know it). And provided they still want to earn money with their own business or day-to-day work, somebody has to do the work for them. Here Startup Wise Guys comes into picture as the perfect partner for Business Angels, as we provide ability to manage portfolio and diversify risks, giving access to 10 carefully selected startups undergoing intensive business training with a single investment. On Funderbeam the investment step is as low as 1000 eur, so also for those who cannot allocate huge sums of money, investing in us via this system still makes a lot of sense.

Apart from that, we really like what Funderbeam does. We have been following them quite closely, as our alumni Shipitwise was the first company to launch a successful campaign on this platform, followed by other alumni SportID. Funderbeam revolutionizes way early-stage startups access funding – making the process more transparent and also democratic. Funderbeam secondary market for sure is an additional advantage for the investors, providing liquidity earlier by selling virtual tokens on the platform.

So if you are as crazy about startups, as we are, join the Startup Wise Guys family and become an investor for our next batch of startups to be accelerated in Tallinn, in early 2017!