Intelflows: sometimes cold calls are better than warm intros

Introducing a team that has grown out of Telia JUMP pre-acceleration activities in Denmark and really cares about environment. On the mission to help us breathing cleaner air – we give you Intelflows. Btw they are also the ultimate “fun masters”, bringing a lot of positive emotions and vibe to the batch. Sharing their team’s take on cold calls and warm intros below.

In startup environment and not only you hear so much about networking and warm intros, and why you should avoid cold calls at any cost, that it almost feels like networking is too glorified. In our experience cold calls sometimes have made more sense, for example when contacting governmental organizations or state officials (we would just write to their official email and wait), or when finding the connection or intro takes too much time (and does not necessarily give any tangible result or the right contact person on the other end). All in all what we want to say is that networking works most of the time, but it is not “the secret recipe” or the only way.

Another thing we strongly believe is that networking and mentoring is never wasted time. We have been through couple of mentoring sessions and pre-acceleration programs. Also now in accelerator we sometimes get overwhelmed from speed mentoring, when you meet up to 10 different smart people in a row. And though it might seem like wasted time as not all advice can be applicable, we always remind ourselves that any of these mentoring meetings can take unexpected ways. Especially, if you are open to feedback and ready to learn new things.


IntelFlows is building a Network of Moving Sensors to help municipalities and businesses in need to get minute by minute dynamic readings on Air Pollution. We believe that clean air should be a fundamental human right and it’s our mission to map out the air quality at a street level in major cities across the world.

IntelFlows is more than a business, it’s a mission and a vision for the common good. In everything we do at IntelFlows we act today for a better tomorrow.
Team: Razvan Suta, Cosmin Pirvu, Andrei Holban, Alessandro Forino.