VRNET.io: Creating Buying Atmosphere Matters

Having VR related startups in each batch seems to be a tradition. With Wolf3D and Anatomy Next in previous programs, we are happy to have Ukrainian startup VRNET.io as part of our 8th batch. Below both co-founders Anastasiia and Artem are sharing their learning from mentors regarding “buying atmosphere” in the sales processes.

One business hack that we have found and successfully use in our sales process is – building buying atmosphere (thanks to Startup Wise Guys mentors from Riga program for this tip). It basically means that you are not pushy and always leave space for saying “no” from the sales prospects side. If people are pushed into sales process, they will rather think, how to say no to you, instead of – if they really need your product and if it makes sense. In our case – we have a great advantage of giving them to try our product – an interior walkthrough on a VR device.

Our first clients – real estate developers – seem busy, fancy dressed, serious people. However, when we give them to try out our product, they transform, showing a completely different angle of their personality, immersing into playfulness with the device and VR. So when doing sales, we never start with talking about, how amazing our product is, we simply give them to try it, and talk after, when they have had their own personal experience with it. We just came back from a sales meeting with a potential client. He spent first 20 minutes of our meeting playing with the product. It was much easier to talk after that about business and see, if our product fits with their needs.

The other life lesson we would like to share is – never give up! Even though you might feel you are at a dead end, you can always try other angles or change your point of view. Hiring a designer seemed like a mission impossible to us after going through more than 30 interviews. But in the end, we found a perfect fit for our team, because we didn’t give up on the search.


VRNET.io provides simple and automatic conversion of 3D CAD models into Virtual Reality experiences.

They are a team of experienced math competition winning developers, including PhD in 3D graphics; award-winning UI/UX designer who is currently completing an exit deal with comscore.com and business development advisor with more than 7 years experience from Google and Youtube.

Artem Batogovsky, Anastasiia Zahorodniuk, Olesja Kosteeva, Artem Lysyi, Alexander Bovkun, Jay Birch, Anna Gradil, Mikita Tokariev, Andrii Kobzar, Igor Sahulin, Eugeniy Gorun.