Europe's most experienced B2B startup accelerator

One of the largest early stage investors in Europe

Since Startup Wise Guys birth in 2012 in the tech savvy Estonia, we have invested in more than 185 early stage startups with founders from more than 40 countries. We are also the most experienced accelerator in the region with 19 programs up to date and strongest footprint in CEE and CIS countries.

Portfolio exits and success stories

Year 2016 brought us the first major exit of VitalFields that was acquired by the Climate Corporation, and in 2019 StepShot was acquired by UiPath. We are also proud of our steadily growing startups with MRR above 100K such as RebelRoam, EstateGuru, CallPage.

Survival rate above 77%

In a high risk investment market, we are happy to see way more than half of our accelerated companies still actively running business and growing. 7+ out of 10 accelerated startups raise a seed round above 100K within 6 months of graduation

Seed round above 100k in 6 months

7+ out of 10 our accelerated companies raise a seed round above 100k within 6 months of graduation. Although funding should not be a goal in itself, for many early stage startups raising first seed round fast and on the right conditions makes a huge difference both in terms of survival and growth. Couching during accelerator and exposure to wide network of investors allows our startups to raise money more successfully and faster than their peers

Mission driven

Startup Wise Guys is founded with a mission to help founders become entrepreneurs and build great international tech companies.

We are a passionate team that wants to see Baltics and wider CEE region boom with local startups going globally, but keeping the talent and operations here, at home. Having experienced serial entrepreneurs, Business Angels and tech fans on the team, and great support network all over Europe, we are strong on the course to make this mission a reality!


EUR, Raised by portfolio startups

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