.tax Blockchain Hackathon

First blockchain hackathon in Latvia to create new public service solutions

April 5 – 7

About .tax Blockchain Hackathon

Overhyped or being the next “foundational technology”? Blockchain is for sure still heavily underused in areas, where transparency and trust is crucial. Public sector for sure being one of those.

That is why Ministry of Economics hand in hand with State Revenue Service in Latvia was up for a challenge to find Blockchain solution applicability for tax fraud, online cash register, and also broader areas of digital transformation and usage of big data in public sector.

Hackathon participants were developing ideas on the following topics:


Tax fraud

Latvia has a VAT tax gap. This means that the amount of tax declared and paid to the State is less than it could be.
Cash register data damaging can happen in different ways: not saving, modifying or deleting receipt data, misinterpreting or changing the status of the receipt. It’s a use of double infrastructure in order to avoid receipt registration in cash registers, but blockchain technology based solutions could help to prevent this.

Online cash register

Receipts serves as proof transaction, warranty document, document for tax refund, or as a statement certifying expenditure. Already under the current regulatory framework, a cash receipt could be issued in electronic format. But there’s a need for standardized, cost-effective cash register systems that are able to transmit data in real time to the central data processing system (repository) preventing data distortion or loss.

Modern technologies and Digital transformation

Consumer electronic data management has become more accessible, convenient and cheaper. Service providers and sellers expect electronic machine-readable data to be available in tax returns. Internet banking services and speed and quality of internet stimulates consumer interest to receive and process receipts in the electronic environment through smart devices, in one place – the central system, repository. Large part of transactions already happens in a paper-free environment, but there’s an open space for receipt management solutions.

Big data

Analysis of data is one of the more effective ways of proactive and real-time tax avoidance identification, effectively enhancing the function of tax control. According to the SRS, the number of receipts issued in Latvia can reach 1.2 billion per year. It is important to not only find solutions for electronic receipt systems, but also become more effective at analyzing the data available to evaluate the true volume of trade in goods or services.


15. - 27.03. Applications open

Applications are open for blockchain enthusiasts, developers, startups already working with blockchain etc.

Mentors, prizes and agenda to be announced during this period.

28.03. - 03.04. Confirmation of participants

Approved participants will receive a confirmation email about the participation in the hackathon. Make sure, that you receive the confirmation of participation.

05.-07.04. Let's hack!


Team formation


Mentoring & hacking


Pitches & prizes

Why blockchain hackathon?

Blockchain, big data, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and much more – in private sector we hear about these technologies on daily basis, but it’s not that often that we connect these words with public sector. Governments are being more and more open, but there’s still a lot of space for improvement. Blockchain alone could be used to strengthen security, increase efficiency and improve everyday processes.
Ministry of Economics sees the potential in blockchain technology and is looking for new ways how to improve not only administration processes, but also how to enhance the competitiveness of Latvian economy and companies. Therefore they decided to work together with State Revenue Service and Startup Wise Guys to create the first blockchain hackathon for public service solutions in Latvia.  
Hackathon is seen as the best way how to bring together specialists from different fields to create new solutions to specific business problems that could be used to significantly improve Latvian business environment and services provided by public administration.

Awesome Mentors

Anatoly Ressin

Lecturer with academical experience of more than 13 years. Founder and board member of Latvian Blockchain Association (LBA). Co-founder, CEO and blockchain architect of Blockvis – company developing scalable blockchain solutions for commercial clients.

Rafael Gerardo Weisz

Programming since 12 years old, creative developer with mind focus on people and how can we be a better and more balanced society working together with current and future technology. Founder and CEO of Ubiquo Techs, Spanish based company focused on improving business with RPA and the development of Interactive Experiences for the real world.

Inese Dosē

PwC Latvia Manager and an Energy Expert, covering the Baltic states’ region. She has a 9 year international experience in Consulting in Energy sector, including 7 years spent in the UK. Inese’s experience and interests include: renewable energy, energy batteries and disruptive technology utilisation in various sectors, including blockchain, robotics & AI.

Calum Cameron

Scaling impact at Proud Engineers. Life, love and pitches are just stories. They should be glorious! Calum is a shy systems engineer who learnt the painful way about storytelling. With SWG and his own businesses he has since coached and learnt with hundreds of founders from across the world. His job is to help you shine.

Ēriks Štegmanis

Works in PwC Legal Latvia as a real estate development and constructions management expert. Expertise in legal matters gained both in public and private sectors and he has contributed to realization of various large-scale projects in Latvia. Experience and areas of interest: use of new technologies in business, including blockchain technology, digitalization of construction process, robotics and future construction tendencies & AI.

Razvan Suta

First tasted entrepreneurship during university years as a startup intern and volunteer in Kickstart Aalborg, in Denmark. Has organized events such as Startup Weekend, FuckUp Nights & Pitching Game and coordinated teams within Kickstart. After winning a hackathon became a founder himself, now has the COO role and he is still being active in Kickstart as  community manager.

Nikolai Johan Heum

Nikolai is an all-around strong software engineer and a passionate iOS developer with deep insight in Apple’s ecosystem. He has a strong interest in finance, and has tracked the crypto marked closely for many years.

Edilson Osorio Junior

Computer scientist, teacher, information security and infrastructure specialist, developing projects using open-source since 1995. Graduated in Copyright on Harvard Law School and Convenor of Security, Privacy and Identity representing ABNT/Brazil @ ISO/TC307 – Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. CEO&Founder OriginalMy.com, since 2015 being most awarded Estonian startup in Brazil.

Kristaps Banga

Accenture Innovation Lead & Liquid Studio Lead. At the Liquid Studio, clients work alongside Accenture engineers to quickly turn concepts into products, taking days to achieve what used to take months. Kristaps has more than 18 years of experience in business, including startup industry. Excellent communication skills and marketing knowledge to provide guidance and constructive feedback.

Dmitrijs Rulovs

Accenture Latvia Blockchain Lead. More than 19 years of experience in software development with different technologies including cloud, embedded and server side. Blockchain Lead for the last 4 years in Accenture leading the blockchain development and research team implementing blockchain smart contracts solutions. Working on international projects closely with others teams globally. Primary focus architecture design and implementation.

Pasi Sinervo

Works in Finnish Tax Administration with 15+ years of expertise on VAT. Audit department focuses on discovering pitfalls and weaknesses in accounting or in other supporting system and develops analytics for shifting tax risks. Experience on development projects including text analytics, taxpayers’ profiles and visuals (PowerBI).

Silver Kelk

Silver is a BDM at Guardtime – the world´s largest blockchain company by revenue, deployments and R&D. Silver is meeting daily with B2G and B2B delegations from all around the world to discuss how Guardtime´s KSI blockchain-enabled data integrity and data provenance solutions can help them to build digital societies and improve business processes. Silver is also innovation consultant, startup mentor and investor, helping to calibrate your value-proposal and attract funding.

Vanda Kūla

Accenture LATC, FS Portfolio Delivery Lead. Over 20 years of various IT functions management experience including hands-on experience in Project Portfolio Management, Relationship Management, Solution Development and Enterprise Architecture for Banking & Finance, IT & Telecommunications industries and Public sector customers.

Timo Puiro

Timo has over 15 years’ experience in Finnish Tax Administration working on corporate taxation, VAT issues and tax control IT-development. Currently he is the risk responsible of digital economy and e-commerce risk management in Finnish Tax Administration. Leader of nationwide E-commerce Task Force having 30 auditors and taxmen from various tax processes in this group.

Sacha Ott

Sacha has been working with Microsoft Premier customers focusing on DevOps and Blockchain technologies. He currently works as a Premier Field Engineer and he is a member of the WWC Blockchain Team. He creates Proof of Concepts, debug code, provide knowledge transfers and workshops to developers. Actual focuses are Blockchain for enterprises: Hyperledger, Quorum, Corda and Ethereum Proof of Authority consensus.

Awesome Jury

Liza Aizupiete

Managing Director of Fintelum, which serves the crypto industry by carrying out a technically sound and KYC/AML compliant token sale process, crypto funds co-custody, transfer agency, secondary token OTC desk and corporate actions. Previously Liza was a founder and the Managing Director of a cyptocurrency exchange Globitex, as well as the General Director of Lithuanian e-money institution NexPay UAB.

Toby Moore

In 2010 co-founded Riga-based Imprimatur Capital Fund Management venture capital firm and is managing a €17m Seed/Venture Fund for investing in early-stage, digital and deep tech startups from Latvia and the Baltic Sea region. 40+ companies invested, spanning enterprise software, health tech, fintech and music tech. Fund-raising, Board Director and exit experience.

Anatoly Ressin

Lecturer with academical experience of more than 13 years. He used to teach Object-Oriented, Logical and Functional Programming, Compiler Design Principles, Expert Systems and Abstract Algebra. He is a founder and board member of Latvian Blockchain Association (LBA). Anatoly is a co-founder, CEO and blockchain architect of Blockvis – company which is developing scalable blockchain solutions for commercial clients.

Nikolai Johan Heum

Nikolai is an all-around strong software engineer and a passionate iOS developer with deep insight in Apple’s ecosystem. He has a strong interest in finance, and has tracked the crypto marked closely for many years.


Latvian Ministry of Economics

State Revenue Service

Startup Wise Guys

In cooperation with

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Congratulations to the winners!

40 participants from 11 countries took part in the first Blockchain hackathon for the public sector in Latvia organized by Ministry of Economics in collaboration with State Revenue Service and Startup Wise Guys accelerator. Main prize went to Z Book, blockchain based solution to eliminate fraud on every transaction by adding blockchain electronic signature as QR code on each created document from ERP and cash register systems.