Introducing our 8 selected teams via TechCrunch

Today is our opening day of the Startup Wise Guys program 2012. This morning we started the introductions and press interviews and now we would like to officially introduce our 8 selected teams. Three of them are Estonian and the other five are from Germany, The Netherlands, Croatia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Monolith (Croatia):  “We break boundaries between reality and advertising by making every passer-by star of your commercial.”

Faver (Germany):  (previously Moojoo)  “Faver wants to change the way we discover, experience & share local activities by creating a social market place for an active lifestyle.”

Like A Local Guide (Estonia): ” A travel guide where everyone can get personal travel advice from local editors.”

Wellbeing In the City (UK):  “Wellbeing In the City is a social platform that offers simple & practical ways to achieve a balanced lifestyle through intimate communities & Wellbeing marketplace. Discuss, Connect & be Inspired!”

Monday52 (Ukraine):  “Authentic company ratings and reviews by employees. Glassdoor meets LinkedIn.”

WappZapp (The Netherlands):  “We make watching television personal by turning your mobile phone in to a personal remote for your internet TV. Watch your favorites & share”

WeatherMe (Estonia):  “WeatherMe helps farmers to increase output by combining farming knowledge and localized- zoomed in weather forecasting”

1Knows (Estonia) “ is the missing piece of LinkedIn. It allows you to identify, enhance and expose what you really love in your professional life.”

TechCrunch is introducing them here and we will give you some behind the scenes material the next days. Stay tuned!