Early believers in African tech based B2B startups and supporters of the region’s brightest businesses in their scaling and fundraising ambitions.

Startup Wise Guys Africa

Africa is the fastest-growing continent in the world. It is home to a rapidly developing startup ecosystem and its emerging markets have potential to be a global hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Whilst tech startups lead the way, the untapped market and increasing connectivity of the region makes it one to watch in the upcoming years. 

Startup Wise Guys Africa is something we are very excited about. In our first year of investing in 2022 we have  ranked as one of the 4 most active accelerator-VCs on the continent with 17 investments in early-stage B2B startups across Sub-Saharan Africa including Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania.

Who is it for?

Our Africa programs are primarily for B2B early-stage startups who have achieved their first revenues across various verticals, are digitally based and are gearing up for scaling. We are seeking enthusiastic founders who are ambitious, strategically minded and committed to making a difference with their companies. 

Our international program delivers expertise and guidance on sales, product refinement, marketing strategies and fundraising. Alongside potential follow-on investments, there is also the opportunity to join a 4 month followup program that is designed to facilitate your growth. 

We are also looking for additional partners and venture builders who want to support us on our mission to elevate and scaleup startups in the region.


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The Founders Club

Find co-founders, refine ideas, develop an MVP, engage your first customers, and ensure your first funding in a 3-month online program designed to create a scalable B2B startup.

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Application deadline: September 7, 2023

SaaS Accelerator Program: Africa

Level up your SaaS startup with our SaaS Acceleration Program in Africa and start an intense journey.

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Pre-accelerator Program

The perfect training ground for early-stage startup founders.

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Adia Sowho


MTN Nigeria, Tech Venture Builder and Operator

Chika Nwobi

CEO of Decagon and L5Lab

Norah Koigi

Deal Flow Facility

FSD Uganda

Seun Ojo

Product and technical leader


Zion Thompson


Startup Launchcode


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Franziska Kolk

General Partner Africa

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