Defence and Security

Unleash the Potential of Next-Generation Defence Technology

Unleash the Potential of Next-Generation Defence Technology

The defence sector is on the brink of a transformation, driven by the rapid advancement of technology in the areas of cybersecurity, unmanned systems, and smart munitions. Despite the remarkable capabilities provided by existing military technology, the centralized control over defence procurement and development has often hindered innovation.

In many nations, the defence industry is stifled under the weight of bureaucratic control, limiting the agility and responsiveness of firms and government agencies alike. The centralization of authority over critical aspects such as procurement decisions, budget allocations, and the prioritization of defence projects has left many promising innovations on the sidelines.

This is where Defence Innovators steps in. Our mission is to partner with defence contractors, military planners, and technology firms to navigate the complex landscape of defence innovation. We leverage cutting-edge technology and strategic insights to propel your projects to the forefront of national security planning.

Join us to harness the transformative power of modern defence technologies, from artificial intelligence in warfare to advanced logistics systems. Together, we can unlock a future where defence tech capabilities are not only enhanced but also more strategically aligned with the challenges of tomorrow.

Get started today and be part of the movement reshaping the defence industry for a more secure and technologically advanced future.

What can our Defence programs do for you?

Defence specific support

Leverage our profound expertise in the defence sectors. Benefit from our dedicated support in areas like defence & dual-use technology, strategic planning, and security solutions.

We know how to seamlessly move great defence (dual-use) ideas from the lab to the commercial markets.

Guidance from Industry Experts

Gain insights from the foremost experts in defence and acquire unmatched knowledge to refine your strategic operations and market positioning.

Defence Founders and Partners Network

Connect with a community of forward-thinking founders and partners in the defence industry. Collaborate and thrive alongside peers who are shaping the future of defence innovation.

Get started today

Join a program and take your Defence startup to the next level, transform your business, and discover your potential.

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Meet the great minds behind it all. We have a network of over 200+ experienced mentors, industry experts and first rate founders who you will have the chance to learn and grow from.

Clare Lain

Head of Technical and International Engagement

UK Hydrographic Office

Based in

Farid Singh

General Partner Cyber

Maurice McGinley

Director, Customer-Focused Innovation

Avast Software

Ralph Echemendia

The Ethical Hacker and CEO



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