Pushing the boundaries of B2B startups in the Baltics dominating the XR, Fintech, and sustainability verticals.

Startup Wise Guys Baltics

The Baltics regions are not only the birthplace of Startup Wise Guys, but it is home to one of the world’s fastest growing and innovative startup ecosystems. The region might be small but it’s mighty! The Baltic belt includes Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and its unrivaled access to global markets, abundance of tech minded entrepreneurs and agile infrastructure make it the perfect place for  businesses to grow.  

Startup Wise Guys strives to attract the region’s brightest minds and boldest ideas. Our teams in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn put their regional expertise to the test and take advantage of the interconnectedness enjoyed between Baltic startup communities. 

We are committed to supporting and enriching the startup community in the Baltics and enabling the incoming generation to reach their full potential. After all, it is where we started ourselves… and after 11 years in the game we think we know a thing or two!

Who is it for?

For our Baltics batches/programs we look for B2B startups that predominantly focus on the XR, Fintech, Sustainability, Cyber and SaaS i4.0 verticals. It is essential that these startups also have a tried and tested MVP and that they have received their first traction.

It goes without saying that we are seeking startups that have big ambition, energetic dynamism and tech savvy skills. So if you fit bill, we’re in and ready to put in the work.




Some people that make the difference in the Baltics. 

Based in

‎Herty Tammo

Co-Founder & General Partner

Based in

Alexandra Balkova

General Partner Challenger II & Head of Portfolio

Based in

‎Dag Ainsoo

General Partner