Awesome Mentors

We have a deep network of 250+ mentors who are experts in their fields or founders of startups themselves. Here are most of our top mentors you will get the chance to meet and learn from at accelerator program.

Herty Tammo

Lead Angel Investor at Startup Wise Guys

Fil Guijarro

Head of International Sales at Webdata Solutions GmbH

Andrus Oks

Founding Partner at Tera Ventures

Andrus Purde

Head of Marketing at Pipedrive

Mike Reiner

Co-Founder at City.AI

Patrick Campbell

Co-Founder, CEO at Price Intelligently

Riivo Anton

Founding Partner at United Angels VC

Tarmo Virki

Co-Founder at CoFounder Magazine

Felipe Millan

Community Builder and Evangelist at SendGrid

Ginny Radmall

Director at The Ivy Way

Heidi Kakko

Managing Director at Estonian Business Angels Network

Jean-Baptiste Daguené

CCO and Partner at, Co-Founder at

Colin Tan

CEO at Rentlord

Juha Ruohonen

Founding Partner at Superhero Capital

Max Gurvits

Director for CEE, CIS, and MENA at Cross Border Angels

Andris Berzins

Managing Partner at Change Ventures

James S. York

Enterprise Estonia

Dan Toma

External Innovation Management Expert at Allianz

Martin Rand

EU Commercial Lead at The Climate Corporation

Andres Kull

Board Member at Elvior

Yrjö Ojasaar

Managing Partner at Solon Partners

Yuriy Zaytsev

Partner Development Director, Central & Eastern Europe at Microsoft

Andrejs Juscenko

Director at Office Business Group, CEE at Microsoft.

Anna Andersone

Founder, be-with

Calum Cameron

CEO at, COO at Investly

Daniels Pavluts

Member of the Board at Latvian Startup association

Dans Haberlings

Business Development at Microsoft

Ernests Stals

Co-Founder and CEO at

Philip Staehelin

Founder at Spectacler

Sean Sealey

Owner at GD Store Danske

Stoyan Yankov

Tapio Siik

Business Mentor and Angel Investor

Jevgenijs Kazanins

Head of Daily Banking Products at LuminorGroup

Luca Ferraro

Senior Sales Consultant at VMI Collective

Marcin Borecki

Developer, Entrepreneur and Business Angel

Maris Dagis

Co-Founder and CEO at

Martins Popelis

Co-Founder at Sonarworks

Martins Sulte

Co-Founder and CEO at Mintos

Mykolas Dumcius

Head of Product at Tesonet

Oscar Sanjuan

Director of Cloud Architecture at CenturyLink

Viesturs Sosars

Founder at TRIGNY

Vladimirs Ivanovs

Board Member at ITSM Delivery SIA

Agur Jogi

Co-Founder at askRobin

Andres Peets

Co-Founder & Business Catalyst at VUNK labs

Andrey Sergeyev

Founder & CEO at Strategywise

Didzis Vilcans

Senior Analytical Consultant at Google

Dimitar Stanimiroff

Founder at Heresy

Ivo Remmelg

Founder and Partner at

Kaspar Hanni

Member of the Management Board at Ekspress Grupp

Lauri Antalainen

Co-Founder & Partner at CoreGrow

Peeter Mark

Founder & CEO at Cloudbee

Ross Kingsland

CEO at Global Information Associates

Scott Dodson

Chief Growth Officer at Lingvist

Sergey Gribov

Partner at Flint Capital

Siim Lepisk

Innovation Manager at SEB Bank

Sven Lillepalu

Founder at Karma, Co-Founder at Standout

Tarmo Tael

Head of Parcel and Log Services Baltics at Itella Estonia

Valter Vohma

Partner at Hedman Partners Attorneys-at-Law

Grete Gutmann

Senior Consultant at Civitta

Asko Seeba

Co-Founder & CEO at Mooncascade

Henri Ploom

Co-Founder and CEO at RebelRoam

Ivar Siimar

Co-Founder & Partner at Trind Ventures

Aigars Macins

Technical Program Manager at Skype

Risto Rossar

Founder & CEO at Insly

Attila Dobos

CEO at Analogy Co

Abhishek Balaria


Alise Semjonova

Co-Founder at Infogram

Peter Sandberg

Business Angel & Advisor

Rein Lemberpuu

Founder & CEO at Contriber

Farid Singh

Founder at Take 3 Innovate

Līva Pērkone

CEO at Ethos Communications, CMO at TechChill

Ieva Treija

CEO at

Julia Gifford

Co-Founder at Truesix

Kristjan Laanemaa

Founding Partner at

Mario Krivokapic

Mentor in Residence at ICT Hub Venture

Petra Wolkenstein

CEO at konsultori

Daria Dubinina

Co-Founder at Crassula

Camelia Isaic

Investor relations & corporate finance expert

Tony Anscombe

Industry Partnership Ambassador at ESET

Aleksandr Galkin

Co-Founder & CEO, Competera

Patrick Collins

CEO of Prospect Labs

Remi Prunier

VC investor at Orange Digital Ventures

Rafael Gerardo Weisz

CEO & Founder at Ubiquo Technologies

Ruslan Nazarenko

Head of Growth at Let’s Enhance

Martin Verrev

Lecturer, creative engineer, senior developer

Renat Lokomet

Co-founder & Strategic Partner at Venture Faculty

Mariia Tintul

Business Development Mentor at SWG; Head Of Business Development at WeAR Studio

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