Perfect match for founders and entrepreneurs who are building their companies in B2B.

Startup Wise Guys Türkiye

Türkiye is home to a buzzing startup ecosystem and over the last 10 years its markets have taken off. Positioned as the emerging business hub to watch due to its successful slew of VC funds, high internet reach figures and world-class entrepreneurs. 

Located as the bridge between Europe and Asia there is no need to guess why we at the Startup Wise Guys want to get in on the action. Its strategic location and startup friendly regulations make it the ideal region to build a business. Alongside Turkish innovators, the number of global startups have soared making it a truly international epicenter of change and creation. 

Although well established in gaming verticals and expertise,  fintech, marketplace and B2B SaaS startups have been making waves in the growing ecosystem and are contributing to the rising attraction of the cost effective Turkish market.


Who is it for?

Our Türkiye programs are a perfect match for founders and entrepreneurs who are building their companies in the B2B SaaS, XR and Cyber Security verticals. We know that growing a business can be a bumpy ride. That’s why we look for enthusiastic founders who are ambitious, committed to making a difference with their companies and not scared of a challenge. 

Here at the Startup Wise Guys we are looking for value driven partnerships with investors   who are seeking to to benefit from Turkey’s emerging markets and develop the region’s ecosystem of successful entrepreneurs.



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