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Ukrainian founders have encountered terrible challenges that no one can ever be prepared for. Yet despite their difficult circumstances, the resilience, innovation, and strength of brave entrepreneurs across Ukraine has proved vital in sustaining Ukraine’s economy and countering Russian aggression.

The startup ecosystem in Ukraine, against all the odds, is employing creative solutions, ingenious workarounds and building global market connections to ensure that their teams remain safe, their tech and fundraising skills support the Ukrainian government’s efforts and that they maintain Ukraine’s well earned position as an emerging hub for startup success.

Over 60% of Ukrainian based startups have remained in the country, yet with some companies suffering up to 90% loss of revenue of, team members on active duty, power outages, challenging personal circumstances and travel restrictions, it is clear to see that it has been no small feat for businesses to remain operational.

Here at the Startup Wise Guys we have been working closely in Ukraine since our beginnings and we have over 45 Ukrainian startups in our portfolio. We are committed to standing by Ukraine and continue to show our solidarity by supporting and investing in our Ukrainian founders. Ukraine is our second biggest investment region and in 2022 alone we invested over 670K EUR in 10 Ukrainian startups.

Who is it for?

Our programs are for B2B early-stage startups who have achieved their first revenues across various verticals, are digitally based and are gearing up for scaling. We are seeking to support innovative founders who are ambitious, adaptive and defying the odds by continuing to operate their companies in the midst of a war.

The program will deliver expertise and guidance on finding new revenue streams, and refocusing operations to global markets whilst supporting founders to overcome the inevitable challenges Ukrainian startups face today. Alongside the program, startups receive initial investment and are eligible for potential follow-on investments.

We are also looking for additional partners and venture builders who want to support us on our mission to stand by Ukraine by elevating and scaling up Ukrainian businesses.


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