Solve the important cyber challenges of today

The Startup Wise Guys are pushing the next generation of Cybersecurity startups to solve the most important cyber challenges of today. We are committed to transforming cutting edge research into technologies, products and services that lead in the commercial market. 

We seek to partner our years of experience and leading investments in the cyber vertical, with talented and ambitious tech entrepreneurs looking to pick up the pace. Our specific cyber security accelerators equip startups with the expertise, knowledge and training to generate bigscale innovation. 

Defending systems from information disclosure and security threats has never been so important. If your team has big cyber security ideas, don’t wait any longer to translate them into successful solutions, delve into our cyber security accelerator program.

What can our Cybersecurity programs do for you ?

Custom-tailored support

Cyber Wise Guys fund is designed with cybersecurity  startups in mind. Benefit from our expert models in network security, cloud security, data loss prevention and anti-malware.

We know how to seamlessly move great cyber security ideas from the lab to the commercial markets.

Cyber specific experts

Learn top sales and product development tricks from the best in the business. 

We have the mentors and the cyber security expertise you need to fast track your startup’s growth and increase deal flow.

Value driven partnerships

Find founders who see the world just the way you do and learn from our alumni leading in the security verticals.

Get started today

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Cybersecurity Accelerator Program: Bilbao

Secure your future and propel your cybersecurity startup to the global stage. This program offers mentorship from world-class experts, tailored guidance, and support to help you refine your go-to-market strategy, navigate challenges, and scale your business.

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Cyber Xcelerator

The Cybertech Accelerator of the CDP National Network

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