Extended Reality

Extend your reality with our XR programs

Extended reality (XR) is traveling at full force and the potential of XR and immersive technologies like VR, AR and MR, are beginning to explode across mainstream verticals. 

Merging the physical and virtual worlds is no easy feat, but we aren’t the new kids on the block anymore. At the Startup Wise Guys we have been investing, facilitating and propelling B2B XR startups into the forefront of the metaverse since the start. 

If your startup’s vision holds the key to the future, be it augmented reality, artificial intelligence or maybe 3D modeling, we have the XR accelerator program to give your emerging technology a future proof landing.

Why should you launch into our XR programs?

Partnerships in the metaverse

Nurture your connections with our widening international community of XR founders, mentors and investors that are just like you.

Dedicated experts in Extended Reality

Upskill your sales know-how and boost your product development with our expert mentors.

Custom-tailored support

We are committed to fuelling innovation. Our B2B XR programs are made to measure for every one of your business needs, no matter how small… Or big !

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Application deadline: August 15, 2024

The Founders Club

Find co-founders, refine ideas, develop an MVP, engage your first customers, and ensure your first funding in a 3-month online program designed to create a scalable B2B startup.

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