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8 startups shaping the future of extended reality

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We are absolutely thrilled to introduce the eight visionary teams from across the globe who are embarking on our second XR Acceleration Program, which kicked off in Malaga, Spain. This is a journey that will challenge their limits and inspire them to push the boundaries of what’s possible with extended reality technology.

Our program offers these talented founders a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, gain real-world experience in extended reality development, and learn from cutting-edge industry experts. The selected startups will receive up to €100,000 convertible investment per startup and go through an intensive 5-month program – jam-packed with industry knowledge, expertise, and the prospect of connecting with over 500+ mentors and investors, and 700+ founders.

These teams come from different corners of the world, each with a unique purpose and a common goal – to make a real impact with their innovative solutions and products. From the US to Singapore, Canada to Italy, Estonia to Norway, and Spain, these teams are on a mission to revolutionize the way we experience reality by creating unique products, to offer immersive experiences, such as VR training simulations for safer healthcare procedures, an intuitive network visibility and analysis platform, Canva for the Metaverse, and beyond.

Meet the teams:

Agora World (US) – “Canva for the Metaverse” – Agora World is a no-code, drag-and-drop metaverse design platform that empowers users to create professional-quality 3D content and immersive social experiences.

Conversence (Italy) – Conversence transforms the real world into a physical verse, the physiverse, to help retailers and any activity that takes place in their presence to profile their customers based on their behavior, interests and preferences and provide them with hyper-personalized experiences

Delphi Tech Corp (Canada) – develops immersive training and learning solutions for aviation & aerospace companies to help them increase their training capacities and retain talent.

Valkure (US) – a 3-D virtual network environment designed for the next generation of cybersecurity analysts. It offers a human-friendly and intuitive experience that enables analysts to visualize large networks in a unified spatial view, allowing for simpler and faster issue remediation

ViarLive (Estonia, Moldova) –  enables property owners, real estate agencies, and online stores to create and share VR experiences that boost their business.

V-Vision (Spain) – develops software solutions for VR devices for the treatment of ophthalmology patients.

SpectreXR (Croatia) – brings real-world hand-tracking interactions into virtual and augmented reality

SKILLUP (Norway) – VR training for safer healthcare procedures

Meet the Program team

These founders will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals and build meaningful relationships within the XR community.

Giovanni Khoury, Program Managing Director

This is a very diverse batch as it gathers founders with diverse backgrounds and experience from 7 different countries and 3 continents. This diversity is a power asset. With different backgrounds and experiences, they bring unique perspectives and skills, leading to innovative problem-solving and wider customer reach.

Our incredible managing team will be there to ensure that every step of their journey is nothing short of extraordinary  –  Andrey Lunev, as Venture Partner XR, together with Giovanni Khoury as Managing Director, and Viktoria Kalman as Program Manager.

Andrey Lunev, as Venture Partner XR

I am delighted to witness a multitude of startups from different regions collaborating in this cohort. Together with our previous deals in the XR industry and strong mentor pool, they form a strong hub for XR innovations in Europe.”

This powerhouse team will provide the teams with unwavering support and guidance throughout the program, going above and beyond to help the founders grow and reach new horizons.

Richard Ward, senior advisor, ex-McKinsey Head of Metaverse

“The exciting part about this second XR cohort at Startup Wise guys is the diversity of technical initiatives such as the deep tech of enhanced hand tracking, as well as the maturity of XR sectors like vocational training coming together to fuel the next wave of XR leaders.”

Check out this link to meet and get inspired by the incredible founders from our previous batch.