Improving efficiency and building trust in the shipping industry

GoRamp is the Lithuanian company that offers optimized software solutions for shippers enabling them to make proactive decisions while sourcing, monitoring and analyzing their transportation management.

Founded in 2017, they now are one of Europe’s leading freight management solution providers. They developed a cutting-edge software tool for global supply-chain optimisation, involving warehouse management, dock scheduling software alongside queue and yard management. Their innovative approach to logistic challenges is changing the game in the freighting industry and building trust in software solutions.

GoRamp joined the Startup Wise Guys SaaS batch in 2019, in Vilnius, Lithuania. They knew their pain point: many logistic companies struggle with insufficient budgets to digitize their workflow. But co-founder Ugne knew that this wasn’t enough; they needed the “education, training, and top-tier mentors can keep you up for years and save you a lot of time learning from your own mistakes”. She told us that “we were ready for a marathon, not a sprint – we decided to have the best possible start – and picked the best possible acceleration program in the market.”

Since the program ended GoRamp have only grown bigger and have turned their dreams into reality. They have expanded to over 18 international markets and have fundraised over €2.5 million. GoRamp has been recognized as the best solution for logistics and supply chain in Central and Eastern Europe at the Annual CEE Logistics and Supply Chain Management Excellence Awards. 

The founders

The co-founders, Jevgenij Polonis, Marius Repecka, and Ugne Palionyte, are all from Lithuania and worked in different shipping industry sectors, allowing them to see the bigger picture. Co-founder Ugne Palionyte explained: “Together, we knew how the logistics processes look from the manufacturer’s and carrier’s sides, what the pain points are, and how vast the market is – we decided to save the world.”


If you think that you know everything, think again. Every business stage brings new challenges, and flexibility and openness to relearn and modify the processes help you to jump from one step to another much easier!

Ugne Palionyte

Founder & COO of GoRamp

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