Cybersecurity accelerator program

Elevate your B2B startup to the next level, transform your business and discover your potential.

Startup Wise Guys cybersecurity accelerator program will provide an optimized approach that delivers tailored guidance and support from world class mentors and experts. Our accelerator program will help you navigate the bumps in the company building road, revolutionize your go-to-market strategy and encourage you to bring your A game. 

Defending systems from information disclosure and security threats has never been so important. 

We know you’re passionate about what you do and this program will provide you access to an constantly expanding network of like minded founders, practitioners and investors and encourage value driven partnerships with people who see the world just like you do!

Key benefits

Get funding

Receive a convertible investment up to €100,000 (with a program cost of €35,000) and an additional €250,000 as a follow-on opportunity. If you register a legal entity in Bilbao, there's a chance to secure an even higher investment of up to €200,000.

Learn from the best

Learn top sales and product development tricks from leading cyber mentors and  experts.

Meet the people

Access a community +350 mentors, +200 investors and collaborate with 800+ fellow visionary founders growing in the same industry as you

About the program

Application Process

Applications are now open for the Cybersecurity program. Our team will carefully review all applications and once we identify potential candidates that fit our requirements we will reach out to schedule an interview!

Apply now

Note: applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis.

Week 1-5 / Module 1

Startup startup diagnostic and presentation, KPI setting, lead coach matchmaking

Meet your lead coaches, introduce your business idea, set KPI targets for the expansion. This unit is all about understanding your needs and challenges to set an individualized action plan, and providing networking opportunities. 

Week 7-10 / Module 2

Lead coach meetings, Cyber security Mentoring Day, Market Engineering Sprint

Refine your market strategy with the goal to expand your business internationally. Focus on product growth and development. 

Week 12-13 / Module 3

Lead coach meetings, Corporate Matchmaking Day, Product Sprint and Progress Day

Boost your sales, product and marketing solutions with one on one mentor meetings who tailor their support to the needs of your growing startup. 

Week 14-15 / Module 4

Fundraising, Investor Readiness and Graduation Day

Learn the ins and out of fundraising, revamp your strategy and networking approaches. Gain unique exposure to business angels and VCs and prepare your company for investment. 


And when you think it’s all over… it has only just started. Once you have completed the program we don’t stop working together… 

You will still benefit from the support and program aftercare of the Startup Wise Guys community channels, expert mentors and continue to achieve fundraising support for your future investment rounds.


A typical week in the Startup Wise Guys cyber accelerator program might look like …

Our Cyber Growth Bilbao program will run for 14 weeks, typically consisting of 3-8 hours of contact time a week and they are jam packed with tailored data-driven solutions, technical support and inspiring strategic visions.

Apart from weekly one-on-ones with your personal mentor, you won’t find any two weeks the same! You’ll be developing your skills and transforming your startup at a supercharged pace. Your experience, over the course of 3 months, will include intensive training and personal development opportunities like never before. 

We want to get the best out of you, so you’ll constantly be challenged in what you do and how you do it. Doing things the way you always have won’t cut it this time! 

In program activities:

What kind of activities can you expect? 

  • Individual sessions with coaches that will focus on specialized topics like international sales strategy, product development, fundraising, tech solutions, pitching, marketing strategies….. The list goes on! 
  • Additional workshops and masterclasses delivered by industry experts. 
  • Networking sessions with our mentors and investors. 
  • Chance to learn from the founders. Successful entrepreneurs will share exactly how they built their company and tell you the good, the bad and the ugly ! It’s not all sunshines and rainbows building startups!
  • Every batch and experience is different. Our mentors tailor the content to your businesses’ individual needs so you can develop specifically with your vertical in mind.

It would be a great match if you are…

Goal orientated, ambitious and aspiring to build your business for the long term future.

The Startup Wise Guys Cyber Accelerator is designed for teams who meet one or more of the requirements listed below. 

  • You are an B2B cyber startup working in
    • AI
    • Deep learning algorithms
    • Blockchain
    • 5G technologies with initial traction
  • Initial traction (can be shown through MRR, paid pilots, one-time payments for product test/usage, etc.)
  • Global ambition
  • Your startup has at least 2 co-founders or team members.

“The personalized mentorship tailored to our business model was a game-changer, offering insights from experienced mentors. The international perspective enriched our understanding of global markets. Networking opened doors to quality connections. This program is a catalyst for success, profoundly impacting our trajectory.”

Juan & Lorena
Founders, Bytehide

"Cyber Xcelerator was our opportunity to further develop our company outside of Poland. After the program, we are still in touch with SWG community very often and rely on mentors, alumni startups or SWG team for intros, advice or frequent catch ups.  We highly recommend the experience, specially to build a strong company culture and an international network of support."

Nekane Estalayo
Founder, Sagenso

"The one-on-one mentorship from Startup Wise Guys was crucial in directing CyberDart toward the right path. Our participation led to noticeable growth in our business operations and team cohesion. We exited the program stronger and better equipped to tackle our future challenges."

Nicoló Schiavi
Founder, CyberDart


Let’s crunch some numbers


Portfolio companies


founders network


Survival rate


raised by portfolio startups


Meet the great minds behind it all. We have a network of over 200+ experienced mentors, industry experts and first rate founders who you will have the chance to learn and grow from

Clare Lain

Head of Technical and International Engagement

UK Hydrographic Office

Based in

Farid Singh

General Partner Cyber

Maurice McGinley

Director, Customer-Focused Innovation

Avast Software

Ralph Echemendia

The Ethical Hacker and CEO


Remi Prunier

Investment Manager

Orange Digital Ventures

Program partners

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What are the requirements the startup must comply with to participate in the program?

    Our programs are meant for B2B startups. We do sometimes work with B2B2C companies, but we do not work with B2C startups.

    To be eligible for the full-time acceleration program you need to have:

    at least a working MVP;
    at least 2 co-founders/team members;
    initial customer traction, MRR or revenues.

  • What does the selection process look like?
    • After the submission of the application to the Dealum, the Scouting team evaluates the application for eligibility. It can take up to 2 weeks for us to get back to you after we have received your application.

    • If the application fits our criteria we might ask you additional questions about business and ask you to go along with our due diligence process.

    • Due diligence process includes: the Tech call, Managing Director call, Partner/ expert calls.

    • After the startup has successfully gone through the due diligence process they are invited to a Deal call where we can close the deal.

    • TOP 5 teams are selected to participate in the acceleration program.

  • What are the investment conditions?

    Receive a convertible investment up to €100,000 (with a program cost of €35,000) and an additional €250,000 as a follow-on opportunity. If you register a legal entity in Bilbao, there's a chance to secure an even higher investment of up to €200,000.

  • What can I expect from the program?

    Throughout the program, there are four main focus areas on which we are working to help you build and grow your startup: Company & HR scaling, Sales and marketing international expansion, Fundraising, and Product Growth.

    Work in these areas happens through intensive collaboration with almost 100 mentors at workshops, one-on-one sessions, and sprint weeks, as well as through a dedicated implementation time throughout the program.

  • What is the expected commitment? Will all the team members have to attend the program full-time?

    A full-time commitment is a requirement to participate in the program. Most of the activities will happen online, but we will organize 3-4 onsite weeks to provide the most value to startups by building a network with partners, investors and SWG members. Onsite weeks will be scattered throughout the program and adjusted to leverage other onsite events.


  • I have applied for the full-time acceleration program, but I got an invitation to join an online pre-acceleration program. What is the difference?

    The Scouting team evaluates each application and decides what program the startup is eligible for. If we see the potential in the project, but it is still a little too early for acceleration we invite the startup for the 8-week long pre-acceleration program, where we provide mentoring and support to help startups grow faster. After the Pre-acceleration the best teams might get invited to take part in the full-time Acceleration program.

    The acceleration program is a 5-month program and comes with an investment. The main criteria to be eligible for the equity-based program are:
    – a working MVP
    – at least 2 co-founders
    – initial traction. MRR/ revenues.

  • Are there any geographical restrictions on who can apply?

    Overall there are no restrictions except for Russia or Belarus-based companies.*

    You have to take into account that the workshops, mentoring sessions, and other program activities will happen according to the CET time zone, so you might have to adapt to this schedule.

    Also, it’s a hybrid program with online and onsite modules, therefore, if there are no Covid related restrictions, some parts of the program will happen onsite at our Bilbao office, and you’ll be expected to be there.

    *Startup Wise Guys does not and will not invest in Russia and/or Belarus-based companies (or companies that have business activities in Russia and/or Belarus and/or any other company which has management bodies and/or beneficial owners in Russia and/or Belarus). Nevertheless, we do support Russian- or Belarusian- origin startup founders who actively oppose Putin’s aggression and his regime.

    For more details read our full statement and stand regarding the war in Ukraine.

Do you have some more extra questions? Feel free to get in touch with our team at