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11 SaaS startups to watch – meet the newest Startup Wise Guys batch

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We are happy to announce the start of our newest batch with 11 international startups that will start on a 5-month journey with us! The acceleration program will run from June until November 2021. Aside from a cash investment, chosen startups go through an intensive mentorship-driven program managed from our Vilnius office space. The program will be run with both online and on-site modules.

The 11 participating teams have founders with origins from 5 different countries – Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Germany, and Ukraine.

Meet the 11 selected teams:

Abowire (Germany) – Abowire is a subscription platform that wants to make subscribing a non-brainer app, cross border and cross providers.

Benme (Lithuania) – A revolutionary, all-in-one platform that will change the way organizations provide benefits to their employees.

Boommio (Lithuania) – Boommio has developed customer engagement platform for FMCG market to attract young customers select their product first.

Contribee (Lithuania) – We help creators & organizations to get paid.

isLucid (Lithuania) – Virtual assistant captures what was said, transcribes and helps you to convert words into meaningful actionable items. (Lithuania) – The best accuracy AI for call centers to improve customer experience in low resource languages.

Prifina (USA) – Prifina is building tools for developers to create new apps that run on top of user-held data.

Vocal.image (Estonia) – AI-driven SaaS solution to improve diction, articulation, and get a confident voice. (Lithuania) – VOW is easy to use platform to help every person to check their health and prevent any health problems in the future.

Witview (Finland) – Witview is AI-powered widget telling online shoppers “what the internet thinks” through aggregated product review data.

Workee (Ukraine) – Workee is a platform allowing professionals to start and accelerate online businesses.

Meet the batch managers

We have #WiseGirl power gathered up for this batch! Our SaaS Managing Director is Andra Bagdonaitė. She was a Program Manager for the first three batches in Lithuania, but this time is taking up a new role as Managing Director of the batch And also, our Project Manager Jurgita Sinkevičiūtė, who is going to be our Program Manager for this batch, as well as an intern who recently joined our team, Ieva Miščikaitė.

By the way, the batch HQ is in our Vilnius office, and some of our team members as well as the startups will be there throughout the program, so feel free to stop by and say hello. We’d be happy to meet with you for a chat!

Wise Guys SaaS – Vilnius program is part of the “Financial instrument “Accelerator fund”, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)“. This will be the fourth program run under this financial instrument, the first program for B2B SaaS startups was successfully completed in June 2019 by 12 startups, Fintech 3 was completed in February 2020 with 9 Fintech startups and Fintech 4 was completed in March 2021 with 11 startups graduating.”