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Cubed: Revolutionizing Real Estate Development by Collaboration

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In the complex world of real estate development, challenges in planning, collaboration, and missing project timelines and budgets are common. However, a Latvian startup – Cubed is breaking new ground with its innovative approach to real estate development. Cubed aims to empower developers and buyers alike by offering a custom-built condo and building platform that streamlines the entire process. In this article, we’ll explore the founders, the problem they aim to solve, and the groundbreaking solution they have designed.

Cubed was co-founded by Eriks Kehris, Davis Kolbergs, and Yaroslav Luzin. Eriks, the CEO, has 12 years of experience developing several real estate projects and consulting other real estate developers. Davis has previous experience in consulting at EY and leading strategic projects at one of the top Latvian financial platforms Yaroslav, the CTO, has a strong background in business & software development and has managed big-scale teams in multiple countries.

The Discovery and Secret Ingredient
Cubed’s unique approach lies in the concept of on-demand real estate and a built-to-order approach. By understanding what clients want and designing the product beforehand, Cubed eliminates the risk of real estate developers failing to meet expectations. The secret sauce of Cubed lies in bringing together deep expertise in real estate and technology, creating a digital interface that allows clients to easily make choices. This approach significantly reduces overall project timelines and costs, making real estate development more accessible and affordable.

Cubed is a custom-built condo and building platform that empowers real estate developers to build smart, sustainable, and easy-to-manage buildings loved by homeowners.

Participation in Startup Wise Guys’ Founders Club:
Cubed joined the Startup Wise Guys’ Founders Club with the primary objective of finding a CTO. The unique aspect of the program was the pool of ambitious individuals who were actively looking to find and build global technology companies. Additionally, the program provided an opportunity to test potential team members and build a strong network of founders, which proved invaluable for growth, hiring, and emotional support.

The Problem and Importance of the Solution:
The housing market leaves approximately 600,000 real estate buyers in the United States dissatisfied annually ( about the same in the EU)  due to developers failing to deliver projects in terms of quality, price, and time. Cubed addresses this problem by targeting small and medium-sized real estate developers and real estate buyers, providing them with a one-stop-shop platform that ensures high-quality choices, layouts, financing, and customization options. The solution is crucial in tackling the global shortage of affordable housing and reducing carbon emissions and material waste associated with traditional construction methods.

The Solution:
Cubed’s platform caters to both real estate developers and buyers. For developers, Cubed mitigates risks by providing ready-made projects, allowing developers to start development even without land acquisition. For buyers, Cubed offers a transparent and interactive experience, where they can explore projects, provide feedback, and customize layouts according to their preferences and financial possibilities. The platform facilitates collaboration between developers and buyers, ensuring that projects meet expectations and are delivered efficiently.

Vision and Mission:
Cubed envisions a world where buildings are sustainable and designed by the buyers themselves, creating beautiful cities of the future. The mission of Cubed is to empower real estate developers and buyers by providing them with the tools and platform to build smart, sustainable, and personalized buildings that enhance the overall quality of life.

The founders of Cubed have diverse backgrounds and experiences that brought them together. Eriks, an economist with a passion for real estate, witnessed the shortcomings of traditional construction methods and believes that communities should have a say in designing beautiful buildings. Davis’s experience in managing a 100-unit apartment building highlighted the impact of well-designed buildings and management systems on society. Yaroslav, with his software development expertise, recognized the potential to disrupt the real estate industry with digital solutions. The motivation for the founders lies in their shared belief that empowering communities to design their own buildings leads to a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Cubed is poised to revolutionize real estate development through its innovative platform that empowers developers and buyers alike. By leveraging technology, streamlining collaboration, and offering customization options, Cubed is redefining the way buildings are planned, designed, and constructed. With a strong vision and a mission to create beautiful, sustainable cities, Cubed is set to make a significant impact in the real estate industry.