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Scorestars Securing €725K to Revolutionize Fan Engagement Across New Markets

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In the dynamic world of sports technology, Tallinn-based Scorestars is making waves. This basketball fan engagement platform goes beyond traditional fan interaction, reshaping fan engagement itself. By introducing a combination of fantasy games and digital cards, Scorestars offers professional sports leagues a new avenue to connect with a younger audience. Let’s explore the key developments that are positioning Scorestars as a standout in the sports tech field.

Scorestars’ Impressive Funding Round

Scorestars recently secured a staggering €725K in a Seed funding round. This pivotal support, led by Trind Ventures, Startup Wise Guys, 3 Comma Capital, and a group of  Estonian angel investors, paves the way for Scorestars to accelerate its expansion into new territories.

We are delighted to announce the closing of the Seed round! It means that our work in the sports community is recognized not only by the sports organizations and fans but also from outside. Sports fandom is rapidly growing, and we believe there’s a massive opportunity to engage the younger generation in a new, more thrilling way

Marek Kesküll, CEO of Scorestars

Cristobal Alonso, CEO at Startup Wise Guys, who invested 150,000€ together with 3 Comma Capital. Their investment and belief in the platform’s potential, particularly its innovative approach and web3 elements, speak volumes about Scorestars’ promising future in the sports tech landscape.

”Myself and Alexa (Head of Portfolio at Startup Wise Guys) Marek more than a year ago in Tallinn after Dag mentioned that if it was basketball you need to talk to Cristobal. We felt they were into something big. His progress, persistence, and the web3 layers have made Scorestars an exciting investment from the Startup Wise Guys side together with 3 Comma Capital.

Cristobal Alonso CEO Startup Wise Guys

”We are delighted to welcome Scorestars in our joint web3 program with Startup Wise Guys. It is clear from the beginning that Scorestars has everything that is needed to be extremely successful!

Pedro Cerdeira, partner at 3 Comma Capita

More about Scorestars

Established in 2020 by founders Samuel V., Marek Kesküll, and Martin Lond, Scorestars serves as an engaging platform tailored for sports enthusiasts.  

The company offers a dynamic platform where fans collect digital athlete cards and engage in a fantasy basketball game. Upon joining, users receive cards and can earn more through gameplay, acting as team managers and picking top athletes for their virtual teams. Performance in real games influences leaderboard standings. Prizes range from VIP experiences to PlayStations and iPhones.

This company has already inked multi-year partnerships with prestigious leagues like the Turkish, Israeli, Lithuanian, and Basketball Champions League. 

While currently making waves in European basketball circles, Scorestars has its sights set on an even broader horizon. The company aims to broaden its reach, attracting fans across various sports and connecting younger audiences with professional sports through engaging and interactive experiences.