Italian startup fusing SaaS with high quality fashion

Future Fashion is an innovative startup hailing from the shoemaking Marche Region in Italy, which aims to transform fashion businesses into 3D. Their SaaS model seeks to optimize the use of 3D technology from a web perspective to create an immersive shopping experience that can be integrated into the software system of any company.

The idea began in 2017 when founder Andrea saw that the traditional fashion industries in Italy “know how to make quality shoes but they don’t know how to innovate in this sector.” She created Design Italian Shoes, in order to test and implement all the technology on an operational business. It was pioneering in its vision… selling shoes before they are produced – cutting waste. Today, DIS offers the fastest made-to-order shoes in the world, pairing Italian tradition and quality with sustainable future-proof solutions. 

Future fashion uses a tried and tested approach with data-driven results to optimize the sale of fashion in a sustainable and effective way. It prevents millions of physical sample products from being produced with multiple 3D imaging whilst increasing conversion rates. 

Future Fashion joined Startup Wise Guys in 2021/22, founder Andrea explains that she “wasn’t just looking for money, I wanted people, skills, and relationships that could scale my startup” and that’s exactly what she found after enrolling in the Startup Wise Guy’s SaaS Milan batch.

During the program, her team learned the importance of SaaS and how to utilize it to scale up businesses. Since the program, they grew to 16 employees and raised tonnes of funding- up to 770K!

The founders

Andrea Carpineti and her brother began their startup journey 7 years ago after realizing that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world, producing over 150 billion garments. This model of fast fashion roughly equated to 20 items per person meaning that around 30% of these will never be sold. So they created DIS, the brand offering the fastest made-to-order shoe service in the world.

“Even if you have few resources, you have to build your company with a long-term vision, you have to create commitment with your team from day one, you have to be fair with them. This will pay off in the long run for your sacrifices.”

What would Andrea say to founders starting out…

Facts about Future Fashion*

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SaaS Milan 2021/22

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Funding raised: 1.750,000

*June, 2023