Growth Program: Ukraine

Unlock the exponential growth of your scale-up

Startup Wise Guys Growth Ukraine is a four-month acceleration initiative exclusively tailored for 12 ambitious Ukrainian scale-ups, offering unparalleled mentorship, tailored guidance, and fundraising support to amplify their business footprints in Europe and globally. The program, runs in cooperation with EBRD and is supported by Taiwan Business-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund as a donor.

We recognize the fiery passion of Ukrainian entrepreneurs, who are eager to put their nation on the global business map. That’s the driving force behind our program – to connect you with a continuously growing community of visionaries, market leaders, and investors who resonate with your ambition.

Our growth program empowers startups with intensive 1:1 support, tailored scaling strategies, and European exposure. Connect with industry leaders through our network and advisory board, all while crafting a robust, future-proof business plan to scale to the next level.

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Gain discipline and guidance

Growth Program provides you with a proven roadmap and connects you with industry experts who have been there and done that. It will keep you on track and support making strategic decisions and overcoming challenges with the guidance of those who understand your path to growth.

Learn from the best

Apart from working with two dedicated coaches, you will be able to tap into our vast mentor database that unites practitioners and seasoned professionals, who are guided by mission to help startups thrive and grow.

Tune-up your sales and fundraising strategy

Through work with the program's Managing Director and the fund's General Partners, you will learn hands-on ways to scale your sales strategy, prepare for expansion in European markets, and develop your fundraising strategy.

Expand your network

The program will have various matchmaking and networking opportunities with investors and corporates, both online and onsite at the graduation event held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

About the program

Application Process

Applications are now open for the Growth Ukraine Program. There will be 2 cohorts of 6 startups. The deadlines:
- The first cohort - October 22, 2023
- The second cohort - November 17, 2023

Our team will carefully review all applications and once we identify potential candidates that fit our requirements we will reach out to schedule an interview!

Apply now

Note: applications are checked on first come first serve basis.

Week 1-5 / Module 1

Startup Diagnostic, Strategy Assessment, Operations, and Market Engineering Sprint

The program begins with a startup diagnostic and strategy assessment meant to identify target areas as match you with key experts who who will help you develop throughout the program. Then, deep dive into operations, including mapping and scaling crucial processes before jumping into a week long Market Engineering Sprint. 

Week 7-10 / Module 2

Sales, Marketing, and Growth

Build a data driven growth plan and prepare to enter new international markets by building an effective sales and marketing strategy. Then, test your product market fit validation through our one week product sprint. 

Week 8-9 / Module 3

People Strategy, Finance & Data Driven Design

Focus on leadership and people strategy for scale ups. Then, focus on financial audit readiness, and finally utilize a data driven approach for process & system design, and create a customer & product development roadmap. 

Week 10-11 / Module 4

Fundraising, Investment Readiness, & Strategy Roadmap

Scale up your fundraising and investor readiness by preparing investor materials, including your investor documents and deck for an international fundraising landscape. Finally, create your roadmap for fundraising and investor strategy to help you achieve success 3-6 months post-program. 

After the program

Don’t think that after the program we stop working together. We're here to help you prepare for the next round. We'll assess your fundraising strategy for the long term and even explore the possibility of investing in your venture. 

Why now Ukraine?

From 2018 to 2021, we saw Ukraine’s startup scene spark and it was definitely one of the hotbeds of breeding talented and successful startups. To this date, we have backed in total 42 startups with Ukrainian founders with a proud tally of 2.78M EUR. However, the start of the war radically changed the landscape. In terms of startup support, a lot of focus was aimed at military tech, many founders joined the country’s defense forces or dived deep into voluntary work supporting others.

Even in the current environment, the number of new companies exceeds the number of businesses that have closed (by 5.6x), however the longer the war drags on the more the existing Ukrainian companies will need in-kind assistance in order to survive. Currently, Ukrainian startups are not hiring new employees and have a glass ceiling limiting their ability to grow. We see an opportunity to help them break that glass ceiling by running a targeted accelerator program aimed at reducing these obstacles.

It would be a great match if you are…

Ukrainian-rooted, forward-thinking, and ready to tap into European markets.

This accelerator program is tailored for startups that align with one or more of the specifications below:

  • At least one of startup founders has a Ukrainian passport. 
  • You’re a B2B SaaS startup in various verticals scaling up.
  • You have a scalable product in operation.
  • Your startup boasts a minimum of 2 founders and a team of 3+.
  • You’re demonstrating proven traction, with an MRR of 5000+ EUR, or engaging paid pilots with promising clientele.
  • Secured at least pre-seed level funding.
  • Globally ambitious in scope.
  • Fluent in spoken English.




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Marvelous mentors

Learn from the best practitioners out there in intensive 1:1 tailored sessions. Our mentors will help you fill the gaps and boost your expertise to ensure the company's growth.

Asta Vasiliauskaite



Douglas Wong

Mentor & Investor

Augmented Robotics

Johan Lorenzen

Former CEO

Holvi (exited to BBVA)

Mike Evans

Pitch Coach

Captivate Coaching

Simoneta Vargová

Founder & Leadership Development & Team Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What should I expect from the program?

    This is a very tailored and 1:1 focused program. Apart from intensive mentoring, you will work with two dedicated coaches and one dedicated General Partner from one of our Startup Wise Guys funds to support your fundraising strategy. Each week, you will have a check-in with Program Managing Director Mariia Tintul on your overall strategy, company growth, and sales.

  • How do I apply for the Growth Program?

    Click on the button at the top of the page, fill out the form in Dealum, and our Scouting team will reach out to you about the next steps.

  • What are the investment conditions?
    This program neither provides investment nor takes any equity from the startups involved.


  • How does the Growth Program differ from other accelerator programs?

    Firstly, the program is equity-free with no strings attached; however, it does not provide investment. Secondly, the Growth Program is designed for later-stage teams, focusing on company growth and scaling support.

  • Where is the program taking place?

    The program is taking place fully online. There will be a graduation event on-site in Lithuania at the end of the program.


  • What happens after the program?

    After completing the program, you should be armed with knowledge and skills to scale your business, fundraise the next round and have a clear roadmap for the following 3-6 months. Also, Startup Wise Guys' General Partners will be looking for investment opportunities within the Growth program (graduates or participants, depending on whether they are looking during the program or after)

  • Are we still eligible, if the company isn't registered or operating in Ukraine currently?

    To be eligible for the program, you must have Ukrainian citizenship or possess a Ukrainian passport. However, you aren't required to be physically present in Ukraine. Additionally, the company can be registered outside of Ukraine, such as in the EU, the US, or the UK. Nevertheless, you will be expected to present and discuss your Ukrainian growth plan (resources, sales, offices, jobs, etc.) with the selection committee.

  • Why only Ukrainian founder startups?

    In cooperation with EBRD and supported by Taiwan Business-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund, we recognize the need to assist Ukrainian-led startups in reaching new heights in Europe, thereby strengthening the economic environment in Ukraine. We believe that by supporting growing startups, we will pave the way for more jobs, business opportunities, and investments in the ecosystem.

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