Challenger Iberia Fund

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Challenger Iberia Fund leverages Startup Wise Guys’ extensive experience in B2B and SaaS sectors. It is designed to invest in early-stage startups headquartered in Spain, focusing on business models that align with SWG’s expertise. The main focus of this strategy is on startups that exhibit strong growth potential in the B2B and SaaS sectors.

Startup Wise Guys has already invested in over 400 companies across various SWG vehicles, with nearly all being B2B and SaaS. The fund is led by partners with extensive experience in startup investments and deep knowledge of the Spanish market.

We invest

Our investment strategy is divided as follows: 50% of the investment will be in startups that go through the SWG acceleration program, and 50% will be invested in the best deals from the accelerator, as well as opportunistic direct seed investments. The focus is on financial businesses, particularly B2B and SaaS, in the Spanish market.

Startups entering the accelerator are eligible for up to €150K investment with a €250K follow-on possibility. The accelerator program is developed with specific content and mentoring to help boost the commercial success of the startups.

up to 150K€

Investment Range


Follow-on possibility

20M €

Fund size

Why the Challenger Iberia Fund

The Spanish ecosystem is thriving with very talented founders and innovative ideas. Technology-wise, the teams are highly experienced, and the local market is large enough to ensure a proper product-market fit. Furthermore, Spain’s early-stage investor ecosystem is still developing, providing SWG with the opportunity to find very attractive projects at fair valuations. Our follow-up capabilities further strengthen the chances of success for these startups.

Most of the fund’s general partners are local and possess deep knowledge of the Spanish ecosystem, allowing us to identify the best opportunities at the right moment.

Here’s our game: while others tread well-worn paths, we seek hidden gems. These aren’t just any startups; they’re top-tier, promising both innovation and capital efficiency. We’re championing the overlooked B2B founders, particularly those crafting solutions in SaaS across various verticals. Dive into a unique deal flow, leverage Europe’s premier accelerator, and partner with startups meticulously selected through a rigorous process. We’re not just scouting talent; we’re sculpting the future of B2B.

Meet the Team

Challenger Iberia Fund

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Azahara Vera Cobos

Head of Scouting

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Cristobal Alonso


David del Pozo

Financial Ops / Fintech Fund

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Juan Alonso-Villalobos

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