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13 Visionary Startups from Three Verticals Come Together in Our Bilbao Accelerator Program

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We are beyond thrilled to announce the launch of our newest acceleration program in the vibrant city of Bilbao! This exciting initiative brings together 13 visionary startups from three critical verticals: SaaS, Sustainability, and Shelter Tech. These innovative teams are ready to tackle some of the most pressing issues in their industries, and we are honored to welcome them into the Startup Wise Guys family.

Firstly meet the six visionary SaaS Startups revolutionizing business operations with cutting-edge software solutions, these teams are providing software solutions to streamline business processes, enhance collaboration with intuitive project management tools, leverage big data for actionable insights, and optimize financial planning for startups and small businesses.


  • Tekpon: Providing software solutions to streamline business operations.
  • Seenapse: Enhancing collaboration with intuitive project management tools.
  • Planet Dataset: Leveraging big data for actionable business insights.
  • Breakevent: Optimizing financial planning for startups and small businesses.
  • Wall ID: Securing digital identities with advanced authentication technologies.
  • AIManager360: Bringing AI-powered management solutions to enterprises.


Meet the teams from the Sustainability vertical,  each dedicated to making a positive environmental impact. These teams are developing solutions such as sustainable products for everyday living, green energy technologies, advanced recycling methods to reduce waste, and innovative packaging solutions to tackle food waste.


  • Birl: Focused on creating sustainable solutions for everyday living.

  • Esgrid: Innovating in the energy sector with green technologies.

  • Zerow: Aiming to reduce waste through cutting-edge recycling technologies.

  • Foodobox: Tackling food waste with innovative packaging solutions.

Shelter Tech

We are happy to have two innovative teams in our ShelterTech vertical: Livful and Yalo Technologies. Livful focuses on creating affordable, environmentally friendly tiny kit houses, maximizing space efficiency and minimizing ecological impact. Yalo Technologies is revolutionizing the housing market with smart home solutions, enhancing living quality and promoting energy efficiency.

Together, they are paving the way for accessible, sustainable, and smart housing solutions. We are excited to support their journey to transform the housing industry.


  • Livful: Offering tiny & compact kit houses designed for modern living.
  • Yalo Technologies: Revolutionizing the housing market with smart home solutions.

The Journey Ahead

Over the next three months, these startups will engage in an intensive program designed to equip them with the tools, knowledge, and network necessary to scale their businesses. Our team of mentors and industry experts will work closely with each team, providing personalized guidance and support.

We believe that the diversity and drive of this batch will lead to remarkable achievements and breakthroughs. The possibilities are endless, from sustainability initiatives to advanced SaaS, Shelter Tech solutions and innovative shelter technologies.