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Meet 9 B2B SaaS startups – Wise Guys SaaS Milan 2nd batch

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9 international SaaS startups are beginning their 5 month journey with us as part of our second Wise Guys SaaS – Milan batch. The acceleration program runs from October 2021 until February 2022. Besides a cash investment, selected startups go through an intense mentorship-driven program managed from our Milan office space. The program will be held in a hybrid format with modules online and on-site, depending on the Covid-19 regulations.

This batch has 9 startups from 4 different countries – Italy, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Meet the teams selected for the batch:

Cognitiwe (Turkey) – helps retailers and manufacturers to simplify and automate their operations. Through the use of AI-powered video analytics, Cognitiwe collects data from IP cameras, IOT systems and other sources and uses deep learning algorithms to predict the occurrence of problems and offer relevant solutions.

Fudurama (Italy) – is a B2B Saas solution that connects restaurants to suppliers to streamline the procurement process. Restaurants are able to reduce the frequency of daily orders and standardize the format. Suppliers can consolidate orders in one place, track sales, and manage their catalogs.

Future Fashion Solution (Italy) – is a SaaS Platform that optimizes the use of 3D technologies to create an innovative and engaging shopping experience. We help fashion brands to create, visualize and customize their products in 3D and AR. This will save them time, reduce cost, optimize collaboration between departments, and increase customer engagement.

Glivee (Italy) – is the marketplace for sustainable shopping. They help people transition toward a more sustainable lifestyle, transforming the shopping experience for eco-friendly products online. Glivee is the first marketplace globally that evaluates the sustainability of consumer goods. Through our proprietary framework, we help brands evaluate their sustainable identity, and automatically assigns sustainable attributes to their products.

Jiffsy (Ukraine) – a Mobile-first storefront in the style of TikTok for fashion e-commerce, to double the mobile conversion rate. We connect to the Shopify store via API and acquire the full products database. Jiffsy automatically generates a new, mobile-first storefront, with a focus on video and photo content, and mobile native navigation based on swipes. We build personalized product feeds for users based on the store sales statistics and user behavior.

Keet (Italy) – is a next-gen fleet monitoring software that combines Plug&Play experience and a high sampling rate. It enables fleet managers to monitor the behavior of the drivers by detecting abnormalities, GPS position, and fuel and energy consumption. Fleet managers can use data to improve the usages of their fleets, save fuel expenditures, and reduce maintenance costs. With Keet companies can reduce the impact on the environment and cut costs.

Sentric (Italy) – is a software solution to help small physical stores to create and manage their digital inventories to grow their online sales. With Sentric, merchants can access validated product data from photos to descriptions, and create inventory feeds that could be integrated with their main e-commerce platforms.

Torus Advisors (Russia) – is a predictive analytics tool for banks that helps them to manage & optimize costs on card schemes operational fees. (Russia) – is a community platform designed for small and medium enterprises to manage all community activities in one place. creates personalized meetings and recommendations in the community based on people’s preferences and provides an analytical dashboard to community leaders. drives the engagement rate of communities by up 50%, reduces the acquisition cost through the value of sustainable community and collects additional data about clients.

SWG in Italy

3 awesome people will be managing this program. Andrea Orlando, our Managing Partner of Startup Wise Guys Italy, as well as Giovanni Khoury who is stepping up from the role of Program Manager of our first batch in Italy and is now the Managing Director of the program, and he will be working closely together with our newest addition to the Italian team – Luana Nicosia as Program Manager.

This is the second of four SaaS batches we have planned in Italy. It all started with a crowdfunding campaign where we fundraised 1.2M EUR at the beginning of the pandemic to support and invest in both Italian startups, as well as those eager to expand into the Italian market. Now we have celebrated our first year in Italy and besides this batch, we are also launching the first Cyber Xcelerator program in November together with CDP Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

Btw, if you are interested to find out more about the Italian startup scene, dive into the first B2B Digital Italian Startup Scene report we launched at the end of September.