Tallinn talent triumph with speech therapy and voice training app

Estonian based startup, founded in 2021, launched their speech training and voice therapy app for speakers and singers. The AI-powered personal training plan is designed to help users improve their voice, enhance their speaking skills, and rehabilitate speech disorders.

Just last year the startup bagged first place in the Fifty Founders Battle organized by TechChill, one of the Baltic’s hottest tech startup events. The company was awarded €150, 000 investment from Depo Aventure and €10,000 cash prize from TechChill. 

In 2021 Startup Wise guys invited Vocal Image to participate in their B2B SaaS Vilnius Batch even though they are primarily B2C Mobile application / AI-ML / Education vertical because of their great potential. Since then the team of 4 have launched a Spanish localization, entered the LATAM market, and grown their revenue and MRR by 10 times. 

The founders

It all began in 2018 as a Russian-speaking Youtube channel that created content and videos with short exercises for voice training. As their audience grew  to over 200K subscribers, the co-founders Nick Lahoika (CEO), Mikalai Karaliou (CTO), and Maryna Shukiurava (Voice Guru) built their niche into something bigger than them. 

Due to the wide interest that their content generated they needed AI to respond to the multiple requests for advice and support on voice therapy and speech training. This led to the app Vocal Image, which was developed in early 2021, and it now has over 500,000 users!

Take care of yourself and focus on the product.

Nick Lahoika

CEO of Vocal Image

What’s on the horizon for Vocal Image?

They keep it simple and their next steps are to continue executing the delivery of their app to markets worldwide and focus on the quality of their product. 

Facts about Vocal Image*

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SaaS Vilnius 2021

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*As of February 14, 2023