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10 teams to watch from the second SaaS Bilbao batch

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We are excited to welcome 10 startups to our acceleration program that kicked off this Spring in Bilbao, Spain. Over the next three months, we’ll work closely with each team to help them refine their strategies, develop their products, and scale their businesses. Founders will have access to our network of over 750+ like-minded founders and 550+ mentors, investors, and industry experts. 

Selected teams will go through an intense 3-month-long acceleration program and get access to up to €100K convertible investment (€70K cash + €30K towards the program) with a potential €100K follow-on after the program.

Joining us from around the world, these teams share a common goal: to revolutionize the way we work and live. From a real estate development platform to an asynchronous video interview software, these teams are working on cutting-edge solutions that are ready to make a significant impact in their industries.

Meet the startups:

blue auditor (Austria) – blue auditor is an ESG management and risk assessment platform for real estate to enable the transition to sustainability for our built environment.

Ciclogreen (Spain) – Ciclogreen helps companies to reduce their CO2 emissions promoting sustainable commuting.

CREX Capital (Germany) – Find, evaluate, and execute your Commercial Real Estate Finance Transaction all in one Place.

Crono (UK) – Crono is the AI Copilot that helps sales teams to generate and close more pipelines. 

Cubed (Latvia) – Cubed is a real estate development platform that empowers people to design and purchase their dream homes.

HealthPhy (Estonia, Colombia)Transform pain management with our digital physiotherapist solution.

Interviewer.AI (Singapore) – Asynchronous video interview software to screen candidates better and faster.

NeuCurrent (UK) – NeuCurrent puts your customer retention on autopilot. NeuCurrent automatically generates customer retention strategies based on your data and launches customer engagements.

SenkronData AI (Turkey, Estonia) – Brands and retailers use our data collection and ready-made data services to better marketing strategy, optimization and performance measurement.

Simplisales (UK) – Simplisales is an AI-powered e-commerce platform specifically designed for B2B wholesale businesses, streamlining the entire ordering process with no-code ERP integration.

Meet the managing team

The batch will be run by three powerhouse ladies: Fabienne Hakim as Managing Director, who has previously led programs in Tallinn and  Bilbao, and Mónica Aguilar and Yevgeniya Maruchok as Program Managers.

Our most recently completed SaaS acceleration program in Bilbao launched in the fall of the last year with  14 incredible startups, as part of one of our largest programs to date. You can learn more about these awesome startups here.

We’re excited to partner with Beaz Bizkaia once again and have the program hosted at the BAT B Accelerator Tower in Bilbao, Spain.