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Aboard’s Funding Round Accelerates It’s Innovation in Healthcare HR

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In the innovative world of healthcare technology, Aboard is making significant strides. This pioneering HR tech company, part of the Startup Wise Guys portfolio, has successfully closed its latest funding round. Led by East Post Road Ventures and with contributions from Startup Wise Guys, this investment will drive Aboard’s strategic expansion into the US healthcare sector.

“We’re thrilled to announce our latest funding round,” said Lee MacDonald, CEO of Aboard. “This funding will empower us to accelerate the development of our HR solutions tailored for healthcare, ultimately driving efficiency, reducing administrative burdens, and enhancing employee satisfaction within healthcare organizations.”

About Aboard

Aboard’s technology tackles the unique challenges faced by healthcare institutions, such as staffing shortages, complex regulatory requirements, and the need for seamless communication among staff members. By automating manual workflows like onboarding, offboarding, credential expirations, work anniversaries, and more, Aboard allows healthcare organizations to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

As Aboard prepares to expand its presence in the US healthcare market, the company remains committed to driving positive change within the industry. By offering a secure, digital-first approach to human resource management, Aboard is poised to make a significant impact on how healthcare organizations operate, leading to improved quality of care for patients.