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9 B2B SaaS startups to watch from The Wise Guys SaaS Tallinn 2022 Batch

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We are proud to share that nine exciting early-stage B2B startups have recently started our Wise Guys SaaS – Tallinn Acceleration Program! Selected teams receive a cash investment, and take part in a mentorship-driven accelerator program that runs until July 2022. The intensive 5-month program, based and managed out of Tallinn, is jam-packed with cutting-edge industry knowledge, expertise, and the prospect of startups connecting with over 250 mentors and 200 investors.

The batch welcomes founders from 12 different countries – Canada, Estonia, India, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, and, for the first time in our portfolio, Malaysia and Singapore. These teams have generated solutions from cashless tipping, to data-cleaning, to smart-hiring, and much more.

Meet the SaaS Tallinn teams:

DriveX (Estonia) – AI-driven remote vehicle inspection software that helps automotive companies save money, and increases trust for consumers. (Ukraine) – is a text-to-video platform that allows users to generate video content, featuring human narrators, from just text.

Knowledgator Engineering (Ukraine) – The first universal and truly intuitive search engine created for researchers and businesses, which can automate a significant portion of their research using NLP technologies. 

Novus Inc. (Turkey) – Allows you to create impressive written content, in just seconds, with the help of fact-checked AI generations. 

EachHire (Malaysia, Singapore) – The smart-recruiting platform that helps companies hire right; with a 82% accuracy in candidates’ cultural fit and skills-match analysis. 

Roble app (Spain, Italy) – The Saas wellness platform which aims to keep 60+ adults sharp, engaged and connected.

Sweephy (Turkey) – The generalized no-code, no-rule, data cleaning and preparation software.

Tipit (Lituania) – The zero-integration solution for cashless tipping, straight into the receiver’s bank account.

Utilize (India) – The ERP-alternative for on-ground teams. Simple, mobile-friendly apps that can be customized in minutes.

Meet the batch team

Wise Guys SaaS Tallinn is run by Fabienne Hakim, Managing Director of the batch. She has recently come on board and has already done a stellar job with leading the batch! Her right hand will be Sara Sabry, Program Coordinator, this will be her second batch at SWG.

It is a great privilege to be working closely with such talented and passionate founders. I am delighted for us to make an impact and, together, work hard to optimize operations, financials, strategy, sales, and company cultures, to build exciting, sustainable, international businesses.

Fabienne Hakim, Program Managing Director  

The SaaS Acceleration Program is tailored to the needs of today’s startups. Besides training and mentorship, the program dives deep into product, sales, company management, and team management – everything startups need to take a successful idea off the ground.

The batch HQ is in our Tallinn office, and some of our team members, as well as the startups, will be there throughout the program. Feel free to drop by and say hi! Our team will be thrilled to see you!