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SaaS Startups To Watch From The Latest Acceleration Program Launched In Milan

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We’re delighted to announce the launch of our fourth SaaS Milan acceleration program – showcasing 10 cutting-edge teams that have made it through our selection process, each providing the perfect blend of ambition and creativity. The aim of this program is to support and grow the impact of these amazing founders by providing them with intensive mentoring support from top-notch mentors, giving access to an initial investment of up to 100K euros, and an incredible opportunity to connect with over 350 mentor, 200 investor, and 700 founders network.

These teams hail from Italy, Sweden, the UK, Estonia, and Poland – pioneering concepts to disrupt their respective industries by bringing forth innovative and groundbreaking concepts. They are working on fresh, out-of-the-box ideas, crafting distinct solutions for memory and brain health improvement tools, climate and weather risk management, AI-powered job interview platform, museum structure management, and more.

Meet the startups

Beynex  (Estonia ) – Beynex is designed by leading scientists and experts to help you improve your memory, focus, and overall brain health through a variety of evidence-based tools and techniques.

Canveo (UK)  – We replace Microsoft Word for contract negotiations.

Climatica (Poland) – builds parametric insurance products protecting customers and businesses against climate and weather-related risks using advanced machine learning models.

Evening (UK) – Helping merchants get on top of their business data by providing actionable insights

Poleepo (Italy)  – Poleepo is the all-in-one platform that enables B2B2C multichannel sales

Signing Services (Estonia) – SigningServices provide an integration platform to enhance IT systems and e-channels with digital trust services.

TELA (Italy) –  is a cloud SaaS to help museum owners optimize structure management, automating sales and booking processes.

Unify Apply Ltd (UK) – AI-enabled lead generation tool for universities globally

Unipiazza (Italy) – an automated Loyalty Platform that helps local businesses to bring back customers more often into their stores.

VireUp Limited (UK) – AI-powered job interview platform – driving diversity, objectivity, and cost efficiency

Meet the batch managers

This time, the program will be managed by a team of these Italians: Andrea Orlando, our Managing Partner of Startup Wise Guys Italy, Sara Sabry, our Program Coordinator, and our newest additions to the SWG family, Lorenzo Rea as a Program Manager and Carolina Lasi as Program Intern. They will be there to back these teams up with all the support and guidance they’ll need along the way.

Three successful years of SWG in Italy

With three successful programs already under our belts, we are excited to start the fourth and last of our programs in Milan. We have planned 4 acceleration programs in Italy under our European expansion strategy, with the goal of helping to build even more successful tech companies in Europe, and we are proud to see what we have accomplished so far. It all started with a crowdfunding campaign where we fundraised 1.2M EUR at the beginning of the pandemic to support and invest in both Italian startups, as well as those eager to expand into the Italian market. And we can’t witness the growth of the new portfolio members and celebrate their successes.

We also ran our first Cyber acceleration program in Cosenza Italy launched last September in partnership with CDP Venture Capital, where we had 7 kickass startups that are on a mission to change the global cyber landscape.