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Alumni Realtify acquired by PriceHubble, marking 5th portfolio exit for Startup Wise Guys

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Wise Guys’ Fintech 4 program alumni Realtify has been acquired by the largest PropTech player in Europe –  PriceHubble – making it the 5th notable exit for Startup Wise Guys portfolio and the first happening within 6 months after the acceleration.

Realtify is a Czech PropTech company that started off as a  solution to help people understand their expenses while buying residential property and has since developed into a data-driven tool for real estate professionals. The company started its operations in December 2019. After the launch of the second MVP, it gained 10k MRR in three month,s and in October 2020, Realtify started its journey with Startup Wise Guys. Realtify was part of our third acceleration program that was run from Vilnius, Lithuania – Wise Guys Fintech 4 in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) through its TaiwanBusiness – EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund.

“The Startup Wise Guys acceleration program is the best in terms of the educational value that you get. The mentors, the connections, the ideas, the education, the entire process, and the Startup Wise Guys team, all provide the energy and skills to motivate and equip new founders to take their startups to the next level,”

shared Vladislav Kochetov, founder of Realtify, about his time at Wise Guys Fintech acceleration program. 

This marks a new chapter for Kochetov and his team as they will now be operating as PriceHubble Czechia. Vladislav will take on the role of Managing Director of the new PriceHubble entity and will be responsible for the company’s business development in Central and Eastern Europe.

“Vladislav proved his entrepreneurial mindset from the very beginning. When we first started talking with Vlad, Realtify was at a very earlystage, but just six months later he was already being hunted down by potential acquirers due to the startup’s product and revenue achievements. I would attribute this success to his attitude and ambition – he had a very clear timeline on KPIs he was looking to achieve and never doubted himself or the process. At the end we see that having clear KPIs and an end goal are key to push through every day hurdles for any startup,”

said Jone Vaituleviciute, General Partner of Startup Wise Guys Lithuania Fund.

PriceHubble is the largest PropTech data player in Europe. With the acquisition of Realtify, PriceHubble will be extending its operations to a total of nine countries, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Looking at the Startup Wise Guys portfolio, we can see that, normally, it takes SaaS startups at least 5 years since inception of the company to exit. In most cases this also requires global domination or at least leadership in a very large market. However, looking at the fintech vertical – regional leaders often have higher chances to exit much earlier. We think this is due to vertical specificities such as local regulations which require a boots-on-the-ground perspective

The Wise Guys Fintech program ended just recently in March 2021, making this our earliest exit after the acceleration program. It is also the 1st exit from our Lithuanian fund which is part of the “Financial instrument “Accelerator fund”, financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)” administered by INVEGA.

“We always focus on the long term, even when it comes to exits – as that usually brings more value and impact for the founders themselves, their employees, and the larger ecosystem around them. However, we are also happy for the unique opportunity for Realtify and celebrating the first time a startup exits within 6 months after the acceleration program,”

said Cristobal Alonso, CEO of Startup Wise Guys. 

Realtify is the 5th notable exit from the Startup Wise Guys portfolio, along with our 2 major exits Vitalfields (sold to Climate Corporation in 2016) and StepShot (acquired by UiPath in 2019).