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Empowering Georgian Startups: Our Partnership with Impact Hub Tbilisi and Journey to Tallinn

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At the close of the previous year, we leaped into an exhilarating adventure by joining forces with Impact Hub Tbilisi. This collaboration marked the beginning of a thrilling chapter, connecting us more intimately with the vibrant startup scene in Georgia. We’re not just tapping into this ecosystem; we’re diving in to discover the trailblazing minds propelling startup innovation in Georgia.

Impact Hub Tbilisi has proven to be the perfect partner for this venture. Georgia’s landscape is ripe with tech-based startups, brimming with untapped potential and ready for evolution and customization. Impact Hub Tbilisi is at the forefront, fostering these startups and steering them towards international acclaim.

Through this alliance, nine driven teams embarked on a transformative journey to Tallinn, Estonia. There, they delved into the dynamic Tallinn innovation ecosystem, benefited from intensive mentorship and training sessions, and showcased their visions at a networking event with the Startup Wise Guys team, complete with mentoring and pitching sessions in the presence of esteemed guests.

As I take a moment to look back on our journey in Tallinn, each moment stands out as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. Navigating the vibrant Estonian startup ecosystem, we forged meaningful connections and gained invaluable insights. The days filled with pitch training and laughter were the building blocks leading up to the grand finale – Demo Day.

Witnessing our nine startups unveil their innovative solutions to a captivated audience in Tallinn was truly a proud moment. The feedback received was not just positive but also served as a springboard for their continued development.As we return, we carry with us the energy, learnings, and excitement from this adventure and together, we continue to

Ketevan Ebanoidze -Co-founder at Impact Hub Tbilisi


The teams embarked on an insightful journey through the startup ecosystem, visiting four prominent partners: Tehnopol, E-residency, Lift 99, and Startup Estonia. These visits were more than just tours; they were immersive experiences that allowed the teams to observe and understand the dynamics of successful startups. The interaction with seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs during these visits was invaluable, offering a rare opportunity to gain practical insights and establish essential industry connections.

Workshops and Mentorship: The heart of this journey was the series of workshops and individual mentoring sessions. Over 11 hours were dedicated to topics like fundraising, pitching, sales, and legal intricacies by Startup Wise Guys mentors and team.

Meet these amazing teams:

  • Bitpulse – a platform identifying potential cryptocurrency price changes by monitoring crypto transactions and social media, immediately notifying the trader about them
  • Connect – a marketplace streamlining the receipt and billing of medical tourism and related services by consolidating all essential offerings into a single package for one unified payment.
  • – An online platform offering live skill-building courses, where 11 to 17-year-olds can engage in interactive courses covering a wide range of interests.
  • Helio.AI – a recruitment management system that fully automates the hiring process, saves time, and ensures the best talent for the company.
  • KidNest – a platform connecting educational institutions and parents, providing parents with comprehensive insights into their child’s educational journey while streamlining administrative processes for educational institutions.
  • Roommate Georgia – a platform allowing students to find roommates based on their interests, enabling them to share the cost of renting an apartment.
  • TourTour – a digital ecosystem that connects travelers with travel agencies, enabling travelers to find, compare, and purchase their preferred travel packages, while assisting travel companies in increasing sales and acquiring customers.
  • WISP –  is a literacy and sign language learning app for deaf people.
  • Wenroll – a mobile application that provides an on-the-go learning experience to busy professionals by offering customized online courses, created by leading experts in our native language.

Our partnership with Impact Hub Tbilisi and the journey to Tallinn represent significant steps in connecting with the burgeoning startup scene in Georgia. This collaboration has been key in supporting local startups, providing them with valuable resources, and exposing them to new opportunities. The experience gained in Tallinn, with its rich innovation ecosystem, has been invaluable for these startups, enhancing their skills and expanding their networks.

About Impact Hub Tbilisi Accelerator

Founded in 2021 by the initiative team of Impact Hub Tbilisi, the Startup Accelerator emerged from a special training course in a leading international acceleration program. Drawing on the experience gained, the team established a local acceleration program designed to address the challenges of the local startup ecosystem. Since its inception, the program has seen four editions and a total of 81 startups, collectively securing over 1 million euros in investment and grants.