Founders Club

Founders Club: Encouraging New Team Formation and Equipping Aspiring Entrepreneurs with the Tools and Knowledge They Need to Succeed

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If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with an idea for a B2B startup, Founders Club might be the perfect opportunity for you. Launched by Startup Wise Guys, one of the leading B2B startup accelerator funds worldwide, Founders Club is a unique program designed to encourage new team formation and equip participants with the necessary tools and knowledge for a successful startup launch. And if the startup ideas take off, Startup Wise Guys has committed to investing up to €100K as the first investor.

The most recent cohort of Founders Club

The first cohort of Founders Club has been a success, with 26 individuals selected from a pool of 100 applications. After the first session, already 9 teams have been formed, while five individuals are still on the lookout for additional team members. These aspiring entrepreneurs are working on a wide range of ideas, from a mobility marketplace to a connection platform for real estate buyers and developers to a martial arts teaching platform through digital coaching and HR tools, a collaboration service for content creators, and other ideas. The program unites people from over 15 nationalities (mostly Europe) and includes graduates from top MBAs such as LBS and INSEAD.

What can you expect from the program? For starters, participants have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. The 8-week program provides training on team building, customer discovery and validation, business model building, pitching, creating an MVP, and more, as well as access to mentors and industry experts who can provide guidance and support. 

Sarah Bolton Howard, Branding and Marketing expert with 25+ years of experience from New Zealand, Founders Club participant

I jumped in with both feet and embarked on the Founders Club program. Coming from a career in the corporate and consulting worlds, I was not sure what to expect on this startup adventure. Within three weeks I have found and joined forces with two co-founders. As a diverse team, both in terms of our expertise and the countries we are from, we are building a game-changer in Cyber Security.

Besides that program focuses on connecting like-minded individuals to support new team formation. The importance of team formation for startups can’t be overstated. Having a strong, diverse team with complementary skills is essential for the success of any startup. But forming a team can be challenging, especially for those new to the entrepreneurial world. That’s where Founders Club comes in. By bringing together professionals eager to become entrepreneurs, Founders Club helps facilitate team formation and provide participants with the support they need to succeed. While some participants already have a team, others are still seeking CTO, CMO, CFO, and CEO candidates to help turn their ideas into successful B2B startups.

Paulius Tarbūnas, Fintech expert with 25+ years of experience from Lithuania, Founders Club participant

After more than 25 years of working in various senior positions in the corporate world and seeing firsthand the importance of compliance and how the process could be improved, I decided to give it a go. I have been working on my idea since September 2022, and my goal now is to help financial institutions to be better at documentary compliance by automating the documentary monitoring and compliance process with the help of smart rules, machine learning, and AI. I joined the Founders Club to find a co-founder for my idea and continue working on the idea validation and building the MVP.
Founders Club first cohort
Founders Club cohort launch December 2022

Who can benefit from joining the Founders Club?

But who is Founders Club for? This program is meant for individuals with one or more of the following traits:

  • Solid experience of at least 7 years, preferably working with fast-growing and scale-up companies
  • Relevant leadership experience in strategy, leading sales (CEO/CMO candidates), product development, strategy and/or operations team (CTO/ COO candidates), or finance (CFO candidates)
  • Resolution to launch a scalable B2B startup (preferably SaaS, XR, Sustainability, Fintech, or Cyber focused)
  • MSc or MBA in business administration or relevant field

Have you been thinking about your startup? Apply now!

Sergio Borasino, Head of Founders Club 

There are no excuses! If you are a competent professional who wants to found a startup, we will enable you and walk by your side on this exciting journey! 

So if you’re ready to embark on your startup journey and want the support of a strong, supportive network of fellow entrepreneurs, consider applying to the Founders Club. We have opened doors for the next wave of applications, closing on February 15th. This is your chance to join a select group of aspiring entrepreneurs on the path to success. Apply now and take the first step toward realizing your entrepreneurial dreams.