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Karin Kuusk & Oleksii Komarov: the importance of continuous learning in the workplace.

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“There is no bad training provider, but mismatched partnerships between organizations and training providers. The effectiveness of a training program depends on various factors, including the alignment of the training content with the organization’s specific needs, the delivery methods utilized, the expertise of the trainers, and the overall compatibility between the organization’s culture and the training provider’s approach.”

Karin Kuusk, CEO and co-founder of Motiveer

What is the importance of continuous learning? Continuous learning is essential for personal growth, professional development, adaptability, and staying ahead in a rapidly changing world. It fuels innovation, fosters creativity, and enhances overall satisfaction in both personal and professional aspects of life. 

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations need to adapt to new technologies, market dynamics, and customer demands. By investing in upskilling and company training, companies ensure that their employees have the necessary skills to embrace change and effectively navigate through transitions. This agility allows organizations to stay ahead of the curve and seize emerging opportunities.

However, 94% of employees indicated they would stay at an organization longer if it simply  invested in their career, but only 40% of organizations offer upskilling, nevertheless the cost per every new hire is around 4K euros. Many organizations struggle to find the right corporate training provider that best fits their needs. The market is oversaturated with providers, and it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to research and compare each one. As a result, it can lead to poor use of time and resources by the organization and an unsatisfactory outcome. 

However, it is the winning organizations that succeed in establishing in their area of influence a continuous learning environment in the workplace. 

What is an example of continuous learning in the workplace? 

Continuous learning in the workplace includes using e-learning platforms (LinkedIn Learning, Udemy etc.), internal trainers, and external experts. External experts, brought in from outside the organization, can deliver specialized training sessions or provide insights into industry best practices. But, how important is learning in the workplace? Learning in the workplace is crucial. It keeps employees engaged, motivated, and improves team cohesion. High staff turnover poses a significant cost, with an average onboarding expense of €4,000. Investing in employee development increases retention rates, as 94% of employees would stay longer at a company that invests in their career. With an average annual training cost of €500, there is substantial potential for retention through moderate investment in human capital.

Enter Motiveer, an Estonian based startup that Karin Kuusk and Oleksii Komarov founded in 2023, an AI-supported platform to connect businesses with a corporate training provider that best fits their needs. The team raised its first funding round from Startup Wise Guys in the Founders Club program. 

“We do not hesitate when we see a startup with a solid and complementary team that has in-depth understanding of the market and passion for their goals.” says Sergio Borasino, MD of the Founders Club. “The solution provided by Motiveer releases the pains identified, leveraging technology to serve companies. Within the Startup Wise Guys Investors Committee, the decision to invest in Motiveer was immediate and unanimous.”

“The program gives you the freedom from being part of somebody else’s mechanism and lets you create a mechanism of your own together with teammates with shared values!

says co-founder Oleksii, about the Startup Wise Guys Founders Club.

By continuously refining matching algorithms, expanding expertise networks, and embracing the power of data, MOTIVEER aims to empower organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape while fostering the professional growth and success of experts worldwide.

“Our long-term vision for MOTIVEER is to become the go-to destination for organizations seeking expert assistance and upskilling solutions.” Karin Kuusk

Motiveer has created a curated AI-supported matching platform, which maps the profile and needs of organizations and experts and matches them. It requires only 10 minutes of time investment from Organizations to define needs and get AI-supported pre-matched personalized offers from ready-to-deliver experts within 72 hours. At the same time, the team is building MOTIVEER together with training providers by creating a worldwide Experts community and giving away virtual shares of our company.

“We facilitate access to external expertise for organizations, simplifying the process while ensuring it remains cost-effective and adds value”

Karin Kuusk

Before launching MOTIVEER, Karin used to work in corporations for 15 years, where she realized how inefficient the training programs were: “I have never spent all my training budget… The problem was, that every time I started to look at a training program it took weeks to map down the providers and another week to contact them and choose the most suitable for my needs and criteria” 

“After doing wide research among organizations we understood that people responsible for external training are facing the same problems and eagerly waiting for a solution,  using old school methods like letś Google the providers or do research in their own network”

Oleksii joined the startup through the Startup Wise Guys Founders Club program and mainly felt passionate about employees’ upskilling, personal valuation, and personal development opportunities and how to make this process efficient, data-driven, and result oriented. Extensive experience in matching algorithms for HR supports these efforts.

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations need to adapt to new technologies, market dynamics, and customer demands. In this context employee upskilling, retention company training, and professional courses are key.

How do you encourage staff to participate in continuous improvement?

MOTIVEER offers personalized matching based on the organization’s and audience’s profiles and specific needs. This tailored approach ensures that the continuous improvement initiatives align closely with the individual’s requirements and interests, increasing their motivation to actively engage and contribute to the process. It is in everyone’s interest for such an environment to be formed: the company, the workers, the community. Sure, it might seem like too much effort at first, but a learning-based organization has the right foundation to succeed even in the “long run”. What encourages staff to continuously improve is encouraged by several factors: 

  • The desire for professional and income growth.
  • The need to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones through reskilling and upskilling. 
  • The recognition that market dynamics constantly evolve, necessitating ongoing skill updates.

“We are committed to revolutionizing the way organizations access expert assistance and upskilling solutions, ultimately ensuring their success in the future of work.

Our mission is to empower organizations and experts by providing a curated AI-supported matching platform that streamlines connections, drives growth and innovation, enables continuous learning, harnesses the power of data, and cultivates a trusted community.”

Empower your organization by providing continuous learning and upskilling solutions with MOTIVEER.

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