Meet 10 impact-driven startups that joined our new sustainability batch

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We are excited to unveil 10 international startups that have joined our third Sustainability Program that kicked off this October in Copenhagen. This batch has united purpose-driven founders scaling impactful solutions by leveraging emerging technologies and new business models that are fostering sustainable technological innovations in climate tech.

The participating teams come from the UK, Turkey, Luxembourg, Denmark, Estonia, and Latvia. Aside from a cash investment of up to 80K EUR, chosen startups go through an intensive mentorship-driven program providing founders with ample industry-specific expertise. The program is managed online, with some co-working weeks in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Our team will be working closely with these startups, who are pioneering innovative sustainability solutions, tackling challenges in carbon emissions tracking, smarter waste management, creating reusable packages, and more, united by a common goal: to disrupt the global sustainability problems.

So, without further ado, meet the startups using technology to better our planet:

BeWo (Denmark) – have created a sustainability reporting platform (SaaS) that enables companies to calculate and track their carbon footprint.

Eeva  (UK) – A SaaS platform designed to help balance cost, time, and impact whilst linking businesses’ supply-chain sustainability goals to their company sustainability agenda.

F4A  (Luxembourg) – specializes in food waste management in the entire food value chain. Through a mobile application available on Android and IOS, the company advocates access to affordable food by promoting short-term consumption products.

Farmstand (UK) – has developed the Earth’s first personalized meal delivery service for businesses.

Freshsens (Turkey) – is an Agritech startup combining Controlled Atmosphere, IoT, and AI to achieve the best possible storage and profit for fresh produce.

MonaTek (Latvia) – IoT-powered energy management system for real estate and factories

Nature Preserve  (Denmark) – Cost-efficient supply chain management platform for Agri-food companies to manage products and carbon footprint.

Ringo Eco (Estonia) –  develops open platforms for reusable packages. Every retailer, restaurant or food producer can join the platform with their reusable packages. 

Trashify Tech (Estonia) – is building AI-powered embedded systems for material recovery facilities for smarter waste management. 

Twipes (UK) – Twipes is the world’s first truly flushable, truly biodegradable wet wipes.

Attila Hudecz, Program Managing Director

I’m extremely happy to see that we still have hundreds of startups out there looking to change the world for the better; selecting startups for the new batch is never an easy exercise but I think we had to make extremely difficult decisions this time. I’m very-very proud to be the MD of this amazing batch, full of talent and potential – and can’t wait to work with them and help them in their journey.

Wise Guys Sustainability

We are happy to announce the start of the third Sustainability batch, which runs together with Maxime Bauchau our Partner in Denmark and under the guidance of our first Sustainability batch alumni, now SWG’s Managing Director Attila Hudecz, who has already done a stellar job in managing the previous Sustainability batch, but this time he will be joined by our very own Luana Nicosia as Program Manager, and together they will be guiding these teams throughout this venture.