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Sowing Seeds of Innovation: Startup Wise Guys’ partnership with Seeds of Bravery

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In the dynamic realm of startup ecosystems, every partnership holds the promise of transformative impact. For Startup Wise Guys, renowned for our commitment to nurturing early-stage startups, the collaboration with Seeds of Bravery marks a pivotal moment in our journey. As we delve into the Ukrainian tech landscape alongside this ambitious initiative, we embrace the opportunity to empower entrepreneurs, foster innovation, and catalyze growth.

Seeds of Bravery: A Beacon of Opportunity

In our quest to support budding startups, we recognize the significance of initiatives like Seeds of Bravery. Led by FundingBox Accelerator, this project embodies resilience, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. With a €20 million grant from the European Innovation Council, Seeds of Bravery emerges as a catalyst for change, offering Ukrainian startups the resources and support they need to thrive amidst adversity.

“We envision our role in the Seeds of Bravery program as that of a supportive neighbor in the European ecosystem. Our contribution will involve highlighting the program to startups and actively connecting with the European ecosystem to facilitate networking opportunities and advocate for the program within the European Union.”

Our Strategic Alignment with Seeds of Bravery

With our active partnership with Seeds of Bravery, our commitment to the Ukrainian startup ecosystem remains unwavering. Through our extensive network of founders, mentors and investors, Startup Wise Guys pledges to amplify the impact of Seeds of Bravery, facilitating connections, and advocating for Ukrainian startups on the larger European stage. Our alignment with Seeds of Bravery’s mission underscores our shared vision of fostering resilience, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


“Together with our consortium partners, we plant the seeds for a future where Ukrainian resilience leads the way in rebuilding its economy. With the UASEEDs project, we are not just offering financial support; we provide a platform for innovation, collaboration and growth in a variety of industries ranging from cybersecurity, healthcare, industry, education, agriculture, mobility to energy. Through our dedicated programmes, we especially want to support women entrepreneurs enabling them to take an active part in designing the future of Ukraine after, not if, the country wins the war and regains full control over its territory.”

Empowering Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

At Startup Wise Guys, we believe in the transformative power of mentorship, networking, and access to resources. Through our partnership with Seeds of Bravery, Ukrainian entrepreneurs gain access to a wealth of opportunities, from mentorship programs to investor communications. By leveraging our expertise and network, we aim to equip Ukrainian startups with the tools they need to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and thrive in the competitive tech landscape.

Sow the Seeds of Innovation

As we embark on this collaborative journey with Seeds of Bravery, we extend a support to the entrepreneurial community. Together, let us sow the seeds of innovation, resilience, and bravery. Let us dare to dream, defy the odds, and shape a future where Ukrainian startups shine on the global stage. Through collective effort and unwavering commitment, we have the power to transform challenges into opportunities, adversity into triumph, and seeds into towering oaks of innovation.

As Startup Wise Guys solidifies its support to the Ukrainian startup ecosystem with Seeds of Bravery, as we embrace the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and empowerment. Together, we stand at the forefront of a new era in Ukrainian entrepreneurship, where startups dare to dream big, defy the status quo, and rewrite the narrative of resilience and success. As we sow the seeds of innovation, we hope to nurture and cultivate a thriving ecosystem where Ukrainian startups flourish and thrive.