Protecting personal data and maximizing value

Founded in 2020 this Spanish/ Argentinian startup fuses AI technology with data-driven protection systems to bring peace of mind to sensitive data management in companies. The company now operates internationally and is beginning to expand its reach, with Sifted calling the business a “rising star” in the cyber security vertical.

They are a B2B Subscription model SaaS Software tool powered by AI that anonymizes PII in almost any kind of format file and Database, industry, and language they are beginning to reach global companies and public administrations.

We love seeing our Alumni take off, Nymiz Software Company joined The Startup Wise Guys SaaS Bilbao accelerator batch in 2022/23. Founder Oscar Villanueva told us that his experience of “meeting incredible mates, mentors and humans within the program” was unforgettable and helped kickstart his connections.


The founders

Founder Oscar Villanueva had a background in Corporate Innovation he realized a gap in the market when he encountered privacy issues with data management when trying to improve performance within AI for refineries- that’s how Nymiz Software company was born!


     “Never give up, resilience. In 2021 without cash in the bank, not getting enough traction and fundraising, workmates leaving the team and the founders without salaries for months. I decided to escape to the mountains for a couple weeks and suddenly I’ve closed the fundraising and started to have clients.

Nymiz founders to aspiring entrepreneurs


What’s next for Nymiz Software Company? Villanueva tells us that they have ​committed “1M€ from the 2M€ we’re fundraising, achieving 30% Average Growth MoM and 210kARR, developing New Customer Success and POC process” and the list goes on !


Facts about Nymiz

Founded in:

SaaS Bilbao 2022/23

Active in:

Team members:

Funding raised: €1.500.000

*June, 2023