The second phase of the JUMP for CEE program goes into its final stage – meet the teams

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18 teams from 14 different countries go into the final stage of the 2nd JUMP for CEE program, an 8-week-long Pre-acceleration to learn the basics of entrepreneurship and building a digital business. 

JUMP for CEE is an innovative digital workforce recovery and entrepreneurial upskilling program powered by the Startup Wise Guys Foundation with support from We have already reached the 3rd step of the second JUMP for CEE program phase, and after successfully participating in Idea hacks and a Hackathon, teams are now starting the Pre-acceleration part. Going through all three stages enables participants to bring their ideas to the real business world one step at a time, and we are eager to share with you the ideas that are turning into businesses this time around.

Idea hacks & Hackathon

The 2nd phase of the JUMP for CEE program started in May with more than 100 people joining two Idea hacks and a 48-hour-long hackathon. During the Idea Hacks the bravest ones present their already existing ideas, while those who were just on the verge of discovering entrepreneurship listened in and got to learn how ideas can be shaped into business opportunities. After these events, a 48-hour-long Hackathon followed, where all the 14 teams that started the hackathon successfully finished it by presenting their solutions in the Finals. 

The winning team of the hackathon was chosen by an audience vote that gave the honor to WonderWorld. In less than 48 hours they managed to create a prototype for an educational game in the Metaverse and conduct first user tests. The game helps kids prepare for the real world by experiencing various lives and careers through immersive experiences, experimentation, and role-play.

All 14 hackathon teams – WonderWorld, Swotzy, Elabeles, Fairytales from abroad, WoW, Coorders8, RoyalMed, IoteX, TrustyShopper, Challenger Impact, Startup Board, SimpleSecurity, CyberSages, Alt Finance – along with some teams presented their ideas at the Idea Hacks were invited to join the Pre-acceleration program to help them get all the business basics in order to successfully apply for a full-time accelerator program or first-round investment.

Meet all the Pre-accelerator teams of the 2nd JUMP for CEE phase:

OPA Teams:

IoteX (Estonia) – IoteX is a series of low-cost solutions for precious metals.

Coorders8 (Latvia) – Normalizing people-to-people communication in the service industry towards improved processing quality with a special focus on education and security.

RoyalMed (Romania) – Interventional Cardiology clinic

TrustyShopper (Lithuania) – Dedicated product video review sharing platform to help online shoppers make better-informed purchasing decisions. 

PhoenixPay (Ukraine, Estonia) – Compliance, taxation, invoicing, and admin solutions for fiercely independent solopreneurs across the globe.

Challenger Impact (Latvia, Estonia) – Gamified system for facilitating action that uses a framework of smart agreement technology and gamification elements to support value-driven action and self-organizing groups. 

Startup Board (Bulgaria) – A cloud-based tool to organize your startup pitch and meetings with the team, accelerator, and mentors.

Turan’s Team (Estonia) – Metal selling and buying platform, that gives instantly prices and delivery dates that clients are seeking.

AltFinance (Estonia, US, Malaysia, Spain) – Providing equity-based home ownership solution.

SimpleSecurity (Czech Republic) – SaaS solution to help SMBs with addressing cyber risks effectively. The tool that helps them to identify critical threats and provide solutions.

CyberSages (Brazil, Estonia) – A customizable e-learning platform that keeps compliance professionals up-to-date with the latest trends and provides high-quality courses with adaptive, real-life cases and exercises taking into account different learning styles.

7steak (Hungary) – Learning game algorithms.

TU VARI app (Latvia) – A mobile app for kids and teens that is based on the book “TU VARI!” (or YOU CAN! in English). It includes everyday tasks and activities or motivation, self-exploration, goal setting, self-compassion, and similar topics.

WoW (Ukraine) – Marketplace and software solution designed for sustainable businesses that help to keep the financial and marketing metrics to constantly develop business’ operational processes.

WonderWorld (Czech Republic, Estonia) – Edutaining Virtual World in the Metaverse to help Kidz prepare for the real world by experiencing various lives & careers through immersive experiences, experimentation, & role-play.

Elabels (Canada, Latvia) – Changing paper shelf labels towards Electronic shelf labels while cutting store’s costs, increasing store’s net profit, and having a positive impact on the environment

Fairytales from abroad (UK) – VR fairytale experience to educate people about what it is like to be a refugee to promote cross-cultural understanding.

Swotzy (Latvia) – SAAS focuses on last-mile delivery optimization, aggregating courier routes/ rates in order to provide clients with the fastest and optimal delivery routes.

3rd and final JUMP for CEE phase

Almost a year ago we shared that the Startup Wise Guys Foundation was among 13 organizations selected for the Impact Challenge for Central and Eastern Europe, and that’s how the JUMP for CEE program was born, but it also meant that we’ll get to do three runs of the program and that’s it. And while the second phase of the JUMP for CEE program is still in motion, we are already rolling up our sleeves for the third and final phase of this program happening from September to December.  

JUMP for CEE is aimed at unemployed or otherwise economically vulnerable people. We are training their digital and entrepreneurial skills for faster personal and economic recovery, looking ultimately at helping these folks develop their own digital businesses. If this program looks like something you, your family, or friends could be interested in, fill out and/or share this form, and we’ll keep you updated on when the next Idea Hacks will be taking place.

Startup Wise Guys Foundation is the non-profit arm of Startup Wise Guys’ accelerator fund and was created to develop sustainable local and international startup ecosystems and to help existing and future startup founders to become entrepreneurs. We believe that is our responsibility to create a barrier-free and inclusive environment where everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit can succeed. We are driven by creating a stronger and more digitally and socially inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central Eastern European countries by keeping the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in mind.