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Abowire is a subscription platform that wants to make subscribing a non-brainer app, cross border and cross providers

Actual Reports

Actual Reports provides a document generation platform that help companies streamline their document generation process.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


Adact helps you to engage with your customers through interactive on-site solutions.
Enterprise Software Communication, Consumer Retail


The agriculture process automation platform tracking quality from farm to fork, aiming to reduce food loss and food fraud


AgroPlatforma is B2B marketplace to connect grain growers, grain buyers and stock market to close deals on-line in Baltic's and Europe.
Other SaaS Marketplace Agriculture


Monitoring farmlands with its own AI, Agrovisio helps agricultural commodity buyers to manage their risk against price fluctuations
SaaS Agriculture

AIris Vision

AIris Vision enables image recognition on devices like drones or surveillance cameras.
AI/Cybersecurity AI Image Recognition


Akselworks (Powermemo) is AI-based cloud service for cross-organizational projects and partner collaboration. 
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software AI


Amio is an omnichannel messaging API that allows companies to reach their customers on any messenger.
Connectivity/Transporation SaaS Internet technologies

Anatomy Next

Anatomy Next is an ed-tech company that uses clear and reliable 3D anatomy models to create empowering education tools for medical students and artists.
EdTech Medtech


Unique, super fast and accurate technology for source code security analysis based on machine learning
AI/Cybersecurity Cyber Security Machine Learning NLP


AVA assists small and medium business owners visualize their company data through a series of dashboards.
Fintech Business Software


AI-powered facility operating system to enable enterprises decarbonize their portfolio of small and medium-sized buildings


Bannerboo allows marketers to create, automate and accelerate ad campaigns using innovative ad formats


Data-driven beekeeping for productivity and sustainability


A revolutionary , all-in-one platform that will change the way organizations provide benefits to their employees.


BitCalm is a tool to manage data backups by providing safe and fast backup services. 
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


SyncUI browser enables developers to create websites for multiple devices simultaneously. 
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software UI


For Beauty and Wellness salons who still use pen and paper, BloknotApp is a Disruptively simple business management software that provides online bookings
Enterprise Software SaaS Data Management CRM Beauty


bNesis combines multiple CRM, e-Commerce and Marketing services with all their functionality into a single solution. 
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software Marketing


BoBu is an end-to-end software solution for publishers to create digital interactive books without the need of technical skills.


Bolt is the smartest way to move around in your city
Connectivity/Transporation Retail Delivery Transportation


Boommio has developed customer engagement platform for FMCG market to attract young customers select their product first.


BotsCrew is developing an AI chatbot platform to help healthcare enterprises make customer communication personal at scale.
Enterprise Software Business Software Communication Chatbot


We help businesses automate customer experience on social messaging channels
SaaS B2B SaaS eCommerce


BrandieGames is a web-based solution for creating mobile games for brands in seconds.
Marketing/Analytics Advertising


BrickFlow is a personal, visual-content discovery app. 
Marketing/Analytics Advertising Analytics


Budget.to is a budget management tool to help businesses who struggle with financial management save time and gain real-time control of their finances. 
Fintech Fintech


For commercial building owners who lack transparency of their HVAC performance, Calidity is a cloud-based intelligence system.
Enterprise Software, Sustainability Energy CleanTech


CallPage is an ICT SaaS company which increases sales leads by 75%, facilitating call conversations between companies and their website visitors.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


Calton is a Customer Experience & Review Management solution that helps business manager of every kind to hear and understand the voice of the customer with a unique process of collection and analysis of feedback
SaaS Customer Experience


Camorka is a social platform for organizing creative contests for brands and individuals. 
Marketing/Analytics Advertising Marketing


Cappture API and web serive helps researchers, legal professionals and businesses to automatically grab, encrypt and save copies of the web content they need for the future reference and evidence


Casers- helps companies conduct online-hackathons and attract young talents
Enterprise Software Business Software Communications and networking services


CastPrint is a one-stop-shop solution fully integrated in hospital workflow, providing cutting-edge fracture treatment and saving doctor and hospital time 
Other Medtech


Engineering simulation platform for SMB. CENOS helps small engineering companies to replace physical prototyping with virtual testing.
Industry 4.0 Engineering software


Change Again is A/B testing tool for web-sites with Google Analytics Integration that helps to increase revenue. 
Marketing/Analytics Analytics Digital Marketing

CHRG Network

CHRG Network is electric vehicle charging platform that connects all charging stations into a single network.
Connectivity/Transporation SaaS Green Energy

Clean Kitchen

Cooking at home is easy
Other Restaurant Delivery eCommerce


CleverEat is a digital platform that helps food locals transform surplus food into profit by allowing them to sell the surplus food at discounted prices at the end of the day.


AI-based solutions for cargo handling automation


Cloutex is a data logistics company that allows businesses to synchronize, move and manage their data quickly and easily.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


We fight digital piracy with prevention.


Cognitiva is making Industry 4.0 a reality for manufacturing SMEs from emerging markets
Manufacturing Software & Service


Cognitiwe helps retailers and manufacturers to simplify and automate their operations through the use of AI-powered video analytics.
SaaS Consumer products manufacturing Retail


CoinyPay is a white-label chatbot payment solution that fights checkout abandonment by enabling one-time card acquiring and seamless one-tap payment experience.
Fintech Chatbot Messaging B2B Fintech


Collect is a mobile self-ordering and payment solution for restaurants that helps them grow their revenue.


Comodule relieves range anxiety by monitoring battery parameters and displaying the information on the user’s smartphone and wearables.
Connectivity/Transporation Transportation Automotive Analytics


COMPLY.TO is a one-stop shop cloud service to ensure privacy compliance, both legal and system wise and unlike other privacy management software our product does not require privacy expertise to set it up and automatically handles all necessary client privacy requests.
Fintech FinTech CyberSecurity SaaS


Consorto helps real estate brokers reach more deals by using a single platform with smart automation.
Fintech PropTech

Contenive (ex.: Postoplan)

A smart automatic social network and messenger marketing platform allows you to create and promote content
SaaS Marketing


Contentivo is an Employee advocacy platform that allows companies to amplify social media campaigns by turning employees into social media advocates. 
Marketing/Analytics Advertising


We help creators & organizations to get paid.


Coortex is helping manufacturing companies to deliver on time
Cloud Computing Manufacturing, Software & Services

Copernic Space

A digital marketplace for the global space economy that allows entities to commercialize their digital data, software, and IP, as well as get support for their project.
Aerospace SpaceTech


CostPocket is a mobile-first expense management solution that automates business expense entry, eliminates paper trail, and reduces administrative effort. 
Fintech Accouting SaaS


COSTS helps you to control and manage your Cash flow in a way that leads you to your Goals.

Culture Technologies

Building an international mental healthcare marketplace
Sustainability Wellness


Currencii is a P2P currency exchange marketplace where businesses can swap currencies in pre-arranged deals.
Fintech Fintech

Cursor Insight

Cursor Insight develops a motion-based authentication service protecting online accounts without friction.
AI/Cybersecurity SaaS Fraud Prevention

Cyber Struggle

Multidisciplinary cyber security certifications training the special forces of the cyber world.
AI/Cybersecurity Cyber Security EdTech


Protecting businesses and advancing human preparedness by cyber attack simulation.
AI/Cybersecurity Cyber Security EdTech

Cylon Accounting

Manage your money like a BOSS!

Data Against Data

We’re here to make the internet a safer place for you and your loved ones by offering you the unique chance to discover the companies that have your data and reclaim it.


Turning Professionals into Data Scientists - Add Advanced Data Analysis to Your (Team) Skill Sets.
Enterprise Software Data Managment Services Business Software

Dear Deer Eyewear

On-demand glasses manufacturing to meet every personality needs
Industry 4.0 Consumer products manufacturing Consumer retail Consumer goods

Decomer Technology

Decomer Technology is a cleantech/foodtech startup developing novel water-soluble, plant-based and edible packaging materials.


dillali is a pre-accounting platform that enables small businesses manage their financial records easily by transitioning from paper based system to digital.
Sustainability Fintech

DriveX Technologies

Vehicle verification only takes a minute!
SaaS B2B Automotive Insurance


Have all of the tools neccessary to carry out a safe and professional drone flight.
Other Aerospace Drones Mobile Apps


DSERVE is developing Self-Service Checkout for Retailers & Restaurants to serve clients faster, cheaper and conveniently.
Fintech Software & Service

Dukapepe Limited

Empowering Dukas for Stronger Communities


We help companies make smarter hiring decisions. It's time to stop making bad hires!
SaaS Recruitment HRTech B2B


We are making the world a better place one EcoPetBox at a time
Software & Services Sustainability


Edumoko focuses on connecting students with internship opportunities to work in remote companies and access online education.
EdTech Edtech


Effa is a short-term use eco-friendly toothbrush made of paper
Sustainability CleanTech Wellness

eID Easy

eID Easy gives you better value than DocuSign for electronic signautures
AI/Cybersecurity Fintech, Software & Services


Elai.io is a text-to-video platform that allows users to generate video content with real humans just from text
SaaS Video Production B2B


EpicList is a visual discovery app, helping people to explore curated activities and travel experiences around the world or just around the corner.
Connectivity/Transporation eCommerce Tourism


EstateGuru is the leading Nordic peer-to-peer lending platform run by property professionals facilitating short and mid-term financing to SME-s and property developers.
Fintech Proptech Real Estate


EvoEstate is real estate crowdfunding aggregator, which provides investment opportunities from over 15 platforms and makes cross-border investments hassle-free.
Fintech Proptech

Exonicus Inc

Exonicus is a global medical training technologies company. Trauma Simulator is virtual reality software as a service of trauma management training and readiness for hospitals.
AI/VR EdTech Medtech


We'll make international recruitment seem as easy as swiping in Tinder.

F-Ray FinTech

F-Ray develops machine learning software that saves time and provides efficiency to financial statement users by performing instant financial analysis and risk rating of public and private companies.
Fintech Fintech


Facedapter provides a multi-modal AI-powered facial recognition software that unifies identity management systems with no data storage required enabling trusted applications in public safety and security, border, and access control for governments and enterprises.


Personal weapon of mass destruction of disinformation bringing fact-checking experience to browsing experience
EdTech Informal education


Fanvestory is a platform that offers intellectual property financing by taking crowdfunding to a higher level.
Fintech Music Fundraising


Finmap is a financial management tool for SMBs. 1000 clients, 12 countries. Growing 30% MoM
Fintech Software & Service


Planning, attendance control and kiosk-based HR communication platform for blue-collar workers
Manufacturing HR


Flipful is a simple solution that enables companies' employees to receive their earned salary before payday.

For Peeps

ForPeeps is a open banking mobile bank to give customers and companies better UX and more services using B2B2C model.


Customer Data Platform that collects, analyzes and unifies data from all data-sources in order to grow customers' loyalty
Enterprise Software Data & Analytics


For engineering companies in need of custom laser-cut parts, the Fractory manufacturing marketplace provides a one-stop shop.
Industry 4.0 Marketplace Lasercutting


Friday helps remote-friendly companies fasten onboarding and build cross-functional teams
Wellness, EdTech Software & Service


Fudurama is a B2B Saas solution that connects restaurants to suppliers to streamline the procurement process.
SaaS Horeca Distribution


Fully-Verified is an identity verification solution that eliminates as much as 90% of identity fraud. 
Fintech RegTech Security Fraud Prevention

Future Fashion Solution

Future Fashion is a Saas platform that optimizes the use of 3D technologies to create an innovative and engaging shopping experience.
SaaS FashionTech Fashion Retail


FXKudi is solving the problem of offline cross-border money transfers in Africa by offering instant and reliable no-fee money transfers using distributed agent networks and in-app self-service transfers.


Gaus makes recruitment work without CVs. Multinational companies that need to employ Millennials can use GAUS to access intelligently pre-matched warm leads.
AI/Cybersecurity AI Recruiting


Glivee is a marketplace that helps people transition toward a more sustainable lifestyle.
eCommerce Beauty Sustainability


GoRamp is transportation management system which fully centralizes exchange of information between all supply chain members in real time updating software
Connectivity/Transporation SaaS Communications and networking services Transport


Gradual helps to automate sales training and uncover personal mentoring needs of sales reps
SalesTech EdTech


We research, design, build, bundle and install the tech and farming know-how the food industry and farmers need and offer it as a service on a subscription basis.
Sustainability FoodTech AgroTech


Global Social Intelligence developed Insite, a SaaS product for the global mining industry to obtain and retain their Social License to Operate (SLO). 
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software Mining


GuardIoT's mission is to make sure that Smart Cities are also Safe Cities!
AI/Cybersecurity IoT Business and industrial products


Infrastructure and compliance that enables other financial institutions to work with digital assets.
Fintech Blockchain Crypto


Hala is an AI Platform for business with the decentralized knowledge base on the blockchain.
AI/Cybersecurity AI ML Blockchain

Hardcastle GIS (Map My Crop)

A SaaS AI-ML based Crop Monitoring Platform


Hashtago is your reliable provider of Digital Marketing solutions combining data-driven technology with personalized service. 
Marketing/Analytics Advertising Digital Marketing


Haslle is an SME expense management solution that helps managers to track their employee, team and projects expenses as well as SaaS subscriptions while dramatically increasing control, transparency and team productivity
Fintech Data Management Data & Analytics

Heavy Finance

HeavyFinance is a crowdlending platform where you can invest in loans backed by heavy machinery.
Fintech lending


Hybrid (software & hardware) platform that provides security and identity services for IoT systems


Prioritized Recommendations for E-commerce Managers to Make Better Decision
SaaS Automotive Chatbots Sales Enablement


Volume Hiring Automator - A smart toolbox which enables to design digital processes and automate the applicant funnel for mass recruitment teams
SaaS HRTech


Empowers consumers to own and control their identity while solving the ever-growing fraud problem for businesses.
AI/Cybersecurity Fraud Prevention Blockchain


We maximise owner yield professionally managing apartments for short-term rent with our own and external tech tools
Fintech Hospitality


Simple and invisible Enterprise level security and control for WiFi & VPN to organizations of any size. Know what's happening in your network. Without breaking the bank.
AI/Cybersecurity Internet technologies


Patent-pending B2B2C sales enablement platform that simplifies and optimizes the sales process for Car Subscriptions.
SaaS eCommerce Social Media


iDiscount is a SaaS tool issuing electronic discount and loyalty cards. It allows using the push notification service to notify customers about news, promotions and events.
Marketing/Analytics Advertising promotion

Idyllum Labs

Idyllum Labs’ software helps web developers build secure websites without requiring them to first become cybersecurity experts.
AI/Cybersecurity SaaS Security


Business prediction platform helping retail, wholesale and manufacturing companies to increase revenue and reduce costs by using AI algorithms.


Inapptics helps app makers analyze user behavior in their mobile apps. It aggregates all user interaction events and turns them into simple visual flows and heat maps.
Marketing/Analytics Advertising Marketing Analytics


Induto is video messaging service for managing distributed teams. Its advanced mobile app allows everyone involved to record their current status update literally everywhere.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software Advertising


Start earning monthly rental income and capital growth with our property-backed investments from €500
Fintech Real Estate


InSkilled helps you collect, analyse and share what you learn online. It is the Runkeeper for your informal online learning.
EdTech Edtech


Investly helps European businesses finance their 30-180 day invoices on an easy-to-use marketplace that brings the best price from multiple providers.
Fintech Fintech


Investory is an investor relation management platform for startups, investors and accelerators.


IPOhub is a Pan European aggregator platform for public SMEs, where individuals can invest in any IPOs and shares.
Fintech Software & Service Data & Analytics


Simplifies identity management by smooth integration of the most advanced and reliable biometric technology to business processes.
AI/Cybersecurity Cyber Security Identity Management


Virtual assistant captures what was said, transcribes and helps you to convert words into meaningful actionable items

Jeff App

Jeff App, a new generation financial broker for Asia’s 1 billion unbanked


Jetbeep is a mobile-to-offline product company digitalizing the physical world. The company provides three products: Retail, Parcel Lockers, and Transportation. Currently, over 6 thousand devices are operational and serve more than 500k consumers over various applications.
Enterprise Software IoT Retail Transportation Parcel Lockers


Jiffsy is a Mobile-first storefront for fashion e-commerce, to double the mobile conversion rate.
SaaS eCommerce Retail


Smart matchmaking for first time venture funds

Katana Technologies

Smart Workshop Software
Industry 4.0 Retail SaaS Enterprise Software eCommerce


Keet is a next-gen fleet monitoring software that enables fleet managers to monitor the behavior of the drivers by detecting abnormalities, GPS position, and fuel and energy consumption.
SaaS Mobility

Kernolab (ex.: MONEVIO)

Here at Kernolab we enable brands to deliver embedded finance and better fintech products faster.


Kevin is a licensed payment institution focusing on solutions based on PSD2 directive with vision to become a connection between Banks, Customers and Fintechs.


A cloud-based property management and services platform that automates tasks and processes for property owners and creates access to goods and services for tenants.

Knowledgator Engineering

Knowledgator develops AI-based search engine to help researchers select actionable hypothesis.
SaaS Research PharmaTech BioTech B2B


Kuan Intelligence is a London-Hong Kong based Financial Technology (Fintech) company offering cheaper, faster and more transparent FX and payment solutions.
Fintech Fintech


Lahdes is a digital mail and electronic signature platform that provides secure, encrypted and immediate delivery of personal and commercial correspondence to the recipients.
Fintech CyberSecurity


 A social network that combines music, community and commerce; giving fans a direct way to discover, connect and support the artists behind the music they love.
SaaS Music Online Streaming Social Media


Leansite is a simple web-based application for supporting construction site management and providing access to the project data anytime, anywhere.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software Construction


Today, video analysis is done by elite teams, using complex desktop software. We offer a simple and mobile solution for the "SME"-s of the sports industry.
Enterprise Software Sports analytics SaaS


Lexyom is a law firm providing automated, international and price predictable legal services using technology for startups, freelancers, artists and employees.
Fintech Legal


LOKI helps companies to automate and secure their networks without needing experts.
AI/Cybersecurity Security


Looksize is an online sizing solution for fashion e-commerce retailers. That helps their customers find the right size item with one click.
eCommerce Fashion


For e-commerce companies selling globally, and who spend a lot of time and money with VAT reporting, Lovat is a tax compliance platform that provides one-stop shop solution of calculation and payment of VAT in 57 countries. Unlike costly and time consuming manual paperwork, Lovat does everything in one single click and for a low cost.
Enterprise Software Legal Finance SaaS Tax


MANU does behavioural profiling to spot desperate borrowers while they progress through loan application to help consumer lending companies save on credit scooring
Fintech Data & Analytics


Meazy is fully automated remarketing platform made solely for e-commerce, helping turn visitors into buyers.
eCommerce Internet technologies Communication Business and industrial services


eCommerce Distribution Delivery Marketplace


Membo is the most convenient way to order fresh and seasonal food directly from local producers.
eCommerce Distribution Delivery Marketplace


Metrics Cat – mobile app user reviews analytics tool. Allows app developers to see the reviews their apps get, filter meaningless and inextensive reviews.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software Data & Analytics


Mental gym at your workplace
Enterprise Software team management HRTech


Mobscale is a marketing automation platform solving the problem of churn in mobile Apps using personalized, contextual notifications.
Marketing/Analytics Advertising


Instagram influencer audience targeting made simple. ModelTag is the technology to manage Influencer and Modeling jobs.
Marketing/Analytics Advertising


moduulo helps accounting practices in Europe save book-keeping time, optimize processes and raise profitability.
Enterprise Software Other Financial Services Business Software


Monday52 is matching developers to companies based on cultural fit.
SaaS Human Resource


Monkee increases financial fitness by bringing saving & spending into a sustainable balance. The Monkee app allows users to strengthen their financial fitness while fulfilling their small goals and big dreams. The users define their savings goals and then receive weekly targets to make these goals come true.
Fintech FinTech


MonkPhish helps manage your cyber risk by teaching your employees critical cyber skills through a fun and easy to play game.
Cyber, EdTech Software & Service


Monolith enables higher conversion rates of consumers by offering actionable insights into customer behavior in stores.
Marketing/Analytics Advertising Analytics Customer Insights


Financing platform for merchants providing real-time loan offers from multiple vendors
Fintech eCommerce Marketplace

Motivio (Wiserstate)

Motivio is an HR tech company. We help companies to attract, engage and retain employees.
Fintech Fintech HR


MRPEasy is a web-based (SaaS) manufacturing resource planning (MRP) software for small and medium sized manufacturing companies.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software Resource Planning


E-commerce omnichannel automation solution for order, inventory and shipping management.
eCommerce Shipping


NeoSound is a Cloud Service for Mood Detection from human voice.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


A smart website that provides teachers with free quality lesson plans and online teaching resources.


Exchange of Rejected Loan Applications for Banks & Lending Companies
Fintech Marketplace lending

Novus Inc

Create impressive articles just in seconds by the help of fact-checked AI generations.
SaaS Content creation B2B Marketing


AI behavioural analytics (mood analysis) at surveys & websites
SaaS B2B SaaS Customer Experience eCommerce


We make security software that secures business devices like data centers and network routers. Octopus is a dashboard for IT Risk Managers to verify configurations, detect changes and get instantly notified for security compliance and best practice violations.


An open data platform that enables businesses uncover full potential and risks providing free credit scores and insights.


Oktomax AI is a personal shopping assistant to make e-shop owners "buy" button more clickable
SaaS Software AI Customer Experience


Ondato brings you a completely customized KYC process built according to the best practices on the market.

Online Dog

Online Dog is web based platform where to publish purebred dog shows and receive applications to them in electronic fashion.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


ORDIN is a human focused facility management application. If you're a property manager just give us your building address and you'll get tenants, facility structure and staff accounts prefilled in ORDIN.
Enterprise Software Proptech Real Estate


Orocon’s construction management solution offers an affordable, mid-market set of project management tools to reduce many construction operational problems
Industry 4.0 SaaS PropTech Software Development Construction

OTA Sync

OTA Sync is a full cloud-based hotel & property management solution
Data & Analytics, Cloud Computing, Hospitality Software & Service


The best accuracy AI for call centers to improve customer experience in low resource languages


Reducing waste in printing houses by printing on leftover areas. Up to 4x cheaper print price & eco-friendly printing.
Sustainability Consumer products manufacturing Waste


Partly is a mobile app that connects trusted service providers with on-demand job opportunities, delivered by the local community, with a single swipe.
Connectivity/Transporation Circular Economy


PatentBot is a bot that helps to protect intellectual property online and reduces the entire process of filing documents.
Fintech Legal


Pay2u is developing a platform that engages customers and gains their LTV by embedding partners offers into mobile apps.
Fintech Software & Service


For the unbanked in Africa’s middle class who regularly use mobile money for local purchases but can’t buy online, PayQin is a wallet with a built-in virtual MasterCard debit card.
Fintech Fintech


PayTipTop is a standalone, colorful, tap-to-pay terminal that works with contactless bank-cards and makes single-price payments seamless, extremely fast, and delightful.
Fintech Fintech


Peppertix is a social selling platform for events and goods that simplifies promotions and increase ticket sales.
Marketing/Analytics Advertising promotion


Pibox is a service for music producers pained by the chaos from managing multiple audio files and feedback from music artists during music production process. 
SaaS Audio Storage File Sharing Music


Piggymind is a service that helps customers trick themselves into saving money.
Fintech Fintech


Pivony is aiming to close the Empathy Gap problem in the consumer market with its AI-Powered Social Intelligence Platform.
Data & Analytics, Cloud Computing, Hospitality Software & Service

Planet 42

African Mobility Fintech
Fintech lending Automotive


Plutoview brings collaborative environments, like sharable search engines, to remote workspaces at scale. Plutoview API enables virtual offices, workspaces, and metaverses to host thousands of virtual applications at the same time.
Sustainability Edtech SaaS


Polisensio provides services of urban air pollution data collection, monitoring and visualization by leveraging Sensing-Tech, IoT, AI and the moving vehicles within a city.
Connectivity/Transporation IoT SmartCity CleanTech Big Data ML


PomoDoneApp is a solution that doubles performance and productivity, eliminates the distractions, and prevents burnout.
Enterprise Software SaaS Project Management Education Time Management


Portal365 is a grant writing and management system for NGOs.
Enterprise Software SaaS NGO CRM

Precision Navigation Systems

Precision Navigation Systems develops solutions that help private and public companies build sustainable ground-based GNSS infrastructure.The company's core product Stargate RTK (previously “HIVE”), is a GNSS correction service provider for the cm-level real-time positioning of autonomous outdoor robots, industrial drones, mapping and IoT applications.
Other GNSS Infrastructure Navigation Drones Robots Geolocation IoT Mapping


Prifina is building tools for developers to create new apps that run on top of user-held data.


PromoRepublic is World’s First Social Commerce Platform for Small Business and Agencies. It helps time-starved SMBs grow on social and gain repeat customers.
Marketing/Analytics Advertising


All in one rental process and management solution for landlords.
Fintech Proptech


Publicfast is the easiest way find and start work with influencers in social networks. 
Marketing/Analytics Advertising promotion

Publish Drive

PublishDrive is an ebook distribution service for small and medium size publishers.
Marketing/Analytics Advertising promotion


Qpick fuses digital and analog advertising in one place, allowing retailers to capture and work with their audience more effectively using location based advertising and artificial intelligence.
Marketing/Analytics Advertising Software Consumer Retail Specialty Retailers


RateChain is an online network of car rental suppliers and brokers all connected to each other through just one link.
Connectivity/Transporation Marketplace Car Rental

RateMate (Event Intelligence)

RateMate helps hotels increase their revenue by providing them information about events in advance, so they can raise their rates before demand hits them.
Enterprise Software Tourism Hospitality Analytics


We help business events stand out and sell out!
Enterprise Software SaaS Event management platform Marketing tools

Ready Player Me

Wolf3D is on a mission to bring humanity into VR/AR and games. We create 3D avatars of people using a smartphone.


Realtify is developing set of data-driven tools so property professionals can make smarter real estate decisions.
Fintech Proptech Data & Analytics


RebelRoam makes transportation providers’ onboard Wi-Fi networks both faster and less expensive by optimizing the data traffic in the cloud.
Connectivity/Transporation Transportation Connectivity

Reduce My Invoice

Reduce My Invoice, a innovative UK company that helps schools make considerable savings on supplies and services by teaming up with businesses.
Fintech Fintech


A semi-autonomous platform that analyzes customer inquiries; generates resolutions without human interaction and automates user-requested actions across the systems
AI/Cybersecurity Enterprise Software Customer Experience


Relaxid partners with hotels to increase their service offering (massage, babysitters, etc.) in a fast and efficient way.
Enterprise Software Hospitality Sports and Entertainment


Reinventing home renting
Fintech Real Estate Proptech


Resty is building a web app that helps restaurants manage all of their delivery apps in just one platform.
FoodTech, Data & Analytics Software & Service


ResultsOnAir is a scalable big data analytics platform for TV advertisers.
Marketing/Analytics Advertisting Analytics


Platform for Immersive Gaming
AR/VR Online Streaming Gaming


Ringy is a warranty holding platform for retailers to keep them connected to customers throughout product life-cycle.
Sustainability Retail

Roble app

Wellness mobile app to keep seniors sharp, engaged and connected.
SaaS Silver Economy Healthcare B2B


Rockyourpaper is a platform for researchers and students to discover and manage relevant research articles in an affordable way.
EdTech Edtech


Helping SMBs to promote locally with micro influencers.
SaaS B2B SaaS


We grow (produce) 100% biodegradable packaging out of hemp and mycelium to replace plastic and styrofoam


Safevox is a secure voice and messaging app that allows you to take control of your communication privacy.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


Scan&Eggs is a one-click solution for photorealistic human characters for video game developers
SaaS Chatbots eCommerce Restaurant


Behavior-based business credit scoring without financials.
Fintech Fintech Machine Learning

Scrapays Inc

Dispose of recyclable wastes with independent businesses on demand.


The 1-on-1 speed networking tool for virtual networking events you’ve been waiting for
Enterprise Software


Sensegrass is a soil intelligence platform for fertilizer management. We use a combination of AI-based recommendations and soil sensors to deliver real-time soil health analyses and targeted nutrient management. We help farmers and companies reduce chemical fertilizer use, increase crop yields, and grow more sustainably.


Domain-independent decision making software delivering foresight and time cost savings in all environments.
AI/Cybersecurity Data & Analytics


Sentric is a software solution for small shops to create and manage their digital inventories and grow their online sales.
SaaS eCommerce Retail


SessionLab (TrainedOn OÜ) is an online application, providing a dynamic way to design workshops and meetings. 
Enterprise Software Meetings Workshops


SessionStack is helping teams easily identify and reproduce problems in their web applications and websites. 
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


Web platform is designed to allow customers visibility into all aspects of their shipping process.
Connectivity/Transporation Transportation


SiftyNet is fully automated active and qualified lead generation tool which helps companies to access high potential foreign markets. 
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


Simporter is the only SaaS platform that predicts product sales, we predict future sales by combining retail and social media data with AI.
Enterprise Software SaaS Fintech Big Data Analytics

Skeleton Technologies

Powering energy savings with ultra capacitors
Other Energy


DeltaBid is a E-Sourcing software to replace e-mail and excel based procurement methods with an tool that helps sourcing managers on their job.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


AI-powered digital marketing assistant every businessman needs. Smartsub is a digital marketing assistant powered by artificial intelligence.
Enterprise Software IA Enterprise Software Digital Marketing


Snacka is a video call app with the highest quality and reliability helping you connect and talk to anyone, anywhere in the world.
SaaS Video Streaming Video Conferencing Video Chat

Sorry as a Service

Sorry As A Service is a customer retention platform that enables businesses to send apologies, measure, track and optimise their retention activities and reduce churn.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


Creating future of work with better experience
Sustainability HR

Soter Analytics

Soter Analytics uses wearable sensors to measure the activities of industrial workforces, analytics to calculate the probability of injury.
SaaS Medtech AI

Squad Robotics

Squad Robotics is to solve different problems in the robotics industry by applying our science-based teams intellectual capabilities.
Industry 4.0 Robotics


Stebby is a new way how to create and manage employees wellness benefit programs.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


StepShot helps create IT instructions, tutorials, and technical documentation that describe software-based procedures for individuals. 
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


On-demand supplement fulfillment service to create & sell your own line of products


SureBerry is an insurance aggregation platform that offers a wide-range of ready-to-go insurance products that easily plug into the sellers checkout flow.
Fintech Insurance Business Solutions


Generalized data cleaning and preparing software.
SaaS B2B Data Management


T40 helps intercity transport and logistics businesses manage their online and offline sales, payments, operations, fleet, and customers all in one place.


Hire better developers faster with assessments from verified experts
Fintech Recruitment talent assessment


A new and better way to assess climate risks and verify claims for farm insurance and finance institutions. Disclose the past, know the present, predict the future of agri fields.
Fintech AgroTech FinTech


Structured and collaborative communication for schools
Sustainability Edtech


Teamscope relies on data science and advanced machine learning to help companies build better teams. 
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software


Creating a career networking platform to help devs from across the world to get mentored, grow a network and experience a better - unbiased - recruitment experience (a LinkedIn for Devs). We do this by making it simple to engage thousands of engineers worldwide, made accessible through hundreds of communities, that can be engaged by companies via Patreon like model.
Enterprise Software HRTech


TheTakes is a cloud based project management, resource planning, communications and monitoring tool for the film production.
Enterprise Software Enterprise Software Video Production


ticketsell is a predictive analytics that helps concerts and sports events promoters to execute demand driven pricing and boost revenue by 40%
Marketing/Analytics Entertainment TIcketing Predictive Analytics


Cashless tipping straight into waiter's bank account.
SaaS Tipping B2B Restaurant Hospitality

Torus Advisors

Torus Advisors is a predictive analytics tool for banks that helps them to manage & optimize costs on card schemes operational fees.
SaaS Fintech

Traders Alloy

TradersAlloy provide financial data to help ordinary people manage their investments like successful professionals and institutions.
Fintech Investment


Trapmine Endpoint Protection Platform provides fool-proof defense against malware, exploit attempts, file-less malware, ransomware and other forms of targeted attacks. 
SaaS Cybersecurity


Trisbee is a licensed payment solution that provides cashless payments. 
Fintech Fintech eCommerce


Gain Visibility & Control Around Third-Party Supplier Risk; Our platform keeps organisations ahead of cyber-threats within your third-party supply chain.


TrustedTwin helps software companies reduce by up to 50% the cost and time of cloud software delivery. We help them to support their clients in transition to the Digital Twin world on an expert level.
Cyber, Data & Analytics Cloud Computing

Turing College

Online data course driven by industry professionals.
Other Data Management Edtech


Utilize is an ERP alternative for on-ground teams that can be customized in minutes.
SaaS B2B Enterprise Software


Making early-stage funding smarter - using smart matchmaking to improve investor leads and close deals faster
SaaS B2B SaaS FinTech


Vartus helps homeowners, buyers and renters to discover a property’s true market value.
Fintech Proptech Real Estate


Verilogy SaaS platform helps enterprises improve their employee's privacy awareness and generates employee-centric risk profiling reports via real life simulations to ensure they actively contribute to privacy management.
AI/Cybersecurity SaaS


VideoCV interview tool helps you increase your hiring productivity by quickly revealing candidates’ social qualities without meeting them directly.
SaaS Human Resource


VitalFields is a digital agriculture company that offers an easy-to-use farm management system for farmer.
SaaS Agtech Forecasting Software

Vite.io (BiletU)

Biletu is an app that enables users to avoid awkwardness among friends, relatives and co-workers and offers a easy way for money transactions.
Fintech Fintech


VITS is developing a platform for Health and Safety Specialists to manage Health and Safety activities effortlessly
Enterprise Software SaaS CRM


AI-driven SaaS solution to improve diction, articulation, and get a confident voice


Powerful tool for creative video editing
Other Social Media


Volee is a community platform designed for small and medium enterprises to manage all community activities in one place.
SaaS Communications and networking services

VOW health

VOW is easy to use platform to help every person to check their health and prevent any health problems in the future.
SaaS Healthcare


VRNet.io automatically converts 3D CAD models into VR and AR experiences.
Industry 4.0 VR Conversation Software


VSIGHT develops Industrial AR Platform that helps enterprises increase productivity with wearable software.
Industry 4.0 SaaS Business and industrial products


Vumonic provides dependable, real-time business intelligence to help online sellers beat the competition
Marketing/Analytics Market analytics Big Data


WappZapp brings online TV in to the living room, on demand, personal, social and on any screen.
SaaS eCommerce Digital Mobile


Watalook is beauty freelancers booking platform with SaaS and marketplace combined together.
Fintech SaaS


Website security monitoring and defense.
AI/Cybersecurity CyberSecurity


WellParko is transforming the outdoor parking experience by helping drivers easily finding empty parking slots in real time. 
AI/Cybersecurity AI Transportation


Welltrado is a metasearch engine for Peer-to-Peer lending platforms. It is the global alternative investment marketplace.
Fintech Fintech


WhatTheBus is airbnb for bus rentals. The platform connects bus companies with individuals and groups who are looking to rent a bus. 
Connectivity/Transporation Marketplace Transportation


Wisboo is an education portal that enables educations and small- and mid-sized businesses develop self-branded portals for social learning.
EdTech Edtech


WiseDrive is a marketplace that connects car owners with trustworthy service providers
Marketplace Services Software & Service


Witview is AI-powered widget telling online shoppers "what the internet thinks" through aggregated product review data.


Workee is a platform allowing professionals to start and accelerate online businesses.


Xpass is creating a digital identity in Mexico that helps online companies never ask you to fill sign up forms again.
Fintech Fintech


All-IN-ONE white-label solution for On-Demand Delivery businesses.
Connectivity/Transporation Transportation Shipping


Gamified team management app to unleash the true potential of large teams.
Enterprise Software SaaS team management mobile app Event management


We provide on-line glass retailers with try-on tool, which integrates into their sytem. This allows shops to sell more and decrease return rate.
SaaS E-Commerce Fashion


ZITICITY matches consumer demand with city couriers right in the e-shop's checkout, enabling 2-hour delivery within every major European city.
Connectivity/Transporation Transportation Delivery Logistics

Zofi Cash

Making Everyday a pay day
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