Africa Micro-Fund

Empowering early-stage B2B startups in West and East Africa



Startup Wise Guys Africa Fund invests in early-stage B2B startups based in West and East Africa that solve meaningful problems and create positive impact. We speed up their growth through an intensive 5-months SaaS acceleration program with world-class mentors. The program supports early-stage tech startups with first revenues and a sustainable and highly scalable B2B business model across a number of sectors.

Investment deal for startups

Upon entering the accelerator program, startups are eligible for 100K € investment. We make additional follow-on investments of up to 250k € in winning teams to double down on the performers.

up to 100K€

Investment Range


Follow-on possibility

Why Africa now

African startups are at the forefront of innovation, emerging in various tech sub-sectors such as Fintech, Retailtech, Healthtech, Edtech, Cleantech, and Agritech. These startups are driven by a mission to solve the continent’s challenges using innovative technologies.

Several factors contribute to Africa’s fertile ground for tech entrepreneurship. The continent boasts a youthful and rapidly growing population, a rising middle class, fast digital adoption, expanding mobile connectivity, the rise of SaaS business models, and the development of tech hubs.

While funding has historically been a challenge for African startups, there is a positive shift. Venture capital firms are increasingly open to investing in African startups, resulting in a growing number of funding rounds and deals recorded each year.

Early-stage investing remains challenging for individual investors due to the large markets and limited transparency. Startups and investors have expressed concerns about the quality of startup training and expertise, despite the increasing number of accelerators and innovation hubs on the continent.

This presents a unique opportunity to invest early in the most promising African B2B founders who are tackling the continent’s toughest problems. By supporting them through a world-class acceleration program, we accelerate their growth and contribute to the transformation of Africa.

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