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8 B2B SaaS startups to watch from Africa – meet the second Wise Guys SaaS-Africa batch

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the second Wise Guys SaaS-Africa acceleration program and introduce 8 startups that have embarked on this exciting journey with us. These selected teams will go through an intense 5-month long acceleration program, receiving 65K EUR cash injection with a potential for up to 250K EUR in additional funding and a chance to connect with 600+ mentors and investors network.

Our team has selected these startups out of 400+ applicants and will support its founders in multiple areas, including legal, product, sales, growth, culture, fundraising, and more. Teams will also be able to improve on their business model, pitch convincingly, and have a data-driven approach to their problem-solution definition as they continue driving their different innovations across Fintech, Wealthtech, Proptech, Data analytics, and Retailtech.

This batch gathered founders from Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Ghana, offering relevant solutions to local societal and economic challenges. These teams are tackling various issues, among them: Giving small businesses easy access to financial opportunities, building core software for microfinance banks, and a save now, pay later data-driven marketplace platform. The batch consists of 21 co-founders and 71 employees, with 4 female co-founders.

Meet the startups:

Built Financial Technologies (Ghana) – A tool for African SMBs to access financial opportunities via a suite of business tools and financial services.

Tunzaa Fintech  (Tanzania) – A save now, pay later data-driven marketplace for everyday Africans.

Hisa  (Kenya) – An infrastructure for Borderless Investing in Africa.

Sortika  (Kenya) – A financial planning tool that seeks to democratize savings and investments.

Naivera (Kenya) – An online financial marketplace that helps to drive finance towards affordable income-generating assets for wealth creation.

Bunce (Nigeria) – An API for revenue management and optimization tools for African businesses.

Zemo Card (Kenya) – An all-in-one expense management solution for growing businesses in Africa.

ShipBubble (Nigeria) – A platform that connects businesses to multiple shipping providers at discounted prices.

Startup Wise Guys Africa

A team passionate about founders and impact-driven businesses runs the Wise Guys SaaS Africa accelerator program: General Partners Franziska Kolk and Petra Wolkenstein, with the support of Eliud Mungai, Managing Director of the batch, recently joined by Sara Sabry as a Project Manager. They will be supporting these teams through the program, giving them all the preparedness and tools they need to scale and expand to other markets.

We’re happy to continue our mission of supporting these purpose-driven founders in becoming international entrepreneurs and helping them to build great international, sustainable companies. In addition, we want to create a strong, long-lasting impact, we have a long-term vision, and this covers also becoming a considerable player on the African continent.

Eliud Mungai, Program Managing Director

“Africa presents the most exciting potential for digitalization on the planet. About two-thirds of the predicted growth in global population between 2020 and 2050 will take place here”.

“Startup Wise Guys’ presence in Africa means we see the business opportunity from supporting startups, and we can also see the benefits for Africa. The portfolio startups  in our Africa fund will be leveraging digital technology to support the continent’s growing population with fintech, healthtech  and retailtech, and catalyze sustainable business growth to provide jobs and prosperity”.