JUMP for Italy

Join the online startup program aimed at helping to re-energize the Italian innovative and startup ecosystem

From idea to a startup

Startup Wise Guys are going south! We are launching an online program JUMP for Italy to help Italy get back on its feet and build new startups. If you are an entrepreneur, an innovator, a developer, or just eager to build your own company join us for the greatest online JUMP aka IL SALTO.

Program consists of three phases: Idea Garage events, Online Hackathon and 6 weeks Online Pre-accelerator program to help you shape your ideas, gather a team, and turn your idea into a proper startup.

Join us and by the end of the year you might have a business that is ready for international expansion and the first investment round.


Step 1

Idea Garage

Pitch your idea or listen to others to find a team. You will have a group of mentors to give you feedback and audience of potential team-mates listening to you. Each Idea Garage is tied to one city and powered by a local community partner. Best ideas will get fast-track to Online Hackathon.

Step 2

Online Hackathon

Develop idea further, find additional team mates or test a particular functionality in your existing product. In 48h you will get kick-ass mentoring and support to help you take a jump forward in your business. Hackathon will be open for best teams from Idea Garages, as well as teams selected through open application call.

Step 3

Online Pre-accelerator

Build your MVP, polish sales process, find product-market fit and learn about fundraising. A 6 week program for selected teams to get all the business basics in order through online courses, webinars, 1-on-1 mentoring and peer support.

JUMP Italy timeline

Step 1: Idea Garage events

May 11: Idea Garage Milan

Hosted by Copernico

May 13: Idea Garage Catania

Hosted by Tree

May 15: Idea Garage Bologna

Hosted by Future Food Institute

May 18: Idea Garage Turin

Hosted by StarBoost

May 20: Idea Garage Rome

Hosted by BizPlace and TechBricks

May 22: Idea Garage Naples

Hosted by CSI – Incubatore Napoli Est & Startup Geeks
Step 2: Online Hackathon

May 26 - 28: Online Hackathon

48h hacking online within the Milan Digital Week.
Step 3: Online Pre-accelerator

June - July: Online Pre-Accelerator

6 week online program with video lectures, online webinars, 1-on-1 mentoring and peer support. Teams for this program will be selected throughout the previous events of the JUMP program.

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Entrepreneurs and especially startup founders have always been the ones with amazing agility, flexibility and viability. Instagram, Whatsapp, Uber and so many other successful startups were built after 2008 crisis. Italy has been one of the hardest hit countries due to Corona, and we see that startup ecosystem can be the one that helps to rebuild it the fastest. It has been proven already by Hack for Italy online hackathon, where 2000 people worked on 50 ideas for health, safety, business environment and more. And we want to add a helping hand to get Italy back on track.
JUMP for Italy program will run fully online, starting already in May and finishing in late summer. The initial events are organised around local communities, enabling each event to benefit from online reachability without losing familiarity. We will help idea stage founders to move through 3 phases of the program – matching them with potential team-mates, mentors and other supporters, giving feedback and providing structured help to bring the business to the next level. Geography is no longer a limitation and you can do it from your kitchen.
Apart from startup founders, this is a great opportunity for anyone willing to help Italy recover – to join hands, inspire and be inspired, to work together and develop innovative solutions. Mentors, ecosystem operators, investors, technology partners  – you are all welcome to join! This is just a first step of a long term investment in the startup ecosystem of Italy and we hope a good push forward to start making change already tomorrow the entrepreneurial way! JUMP with us!


Cristobal Alonso

El Patron, Global CEO at Startup Wise Guys

Andrea Orlando

Partner – Italy and EiR at Startup Wise Guys

Egita Polanska

Program and Partnerships SEE, Venture Partner – Italy at Startup Wise Guys


Francesco Pezcoller

Lawyer at Bird & Bird, Head of Venture Capital Team

Pasquale Rufrano

Startup Wise Guys ambassador in Israel

Ilaria Cavalleri

Manager at Cenciarini & Co.

Federico Mauri

Head of Business Transformation – Networks & Smart City at A2A

Andrea Serravezza

Digital Entrepreneur

Fausta Maria Pavesio

Advisory Board Member at Smartup Capital

Asta Vasiliauskaite

Head of Digital at Citybee

Alessandro Giaume

Director at Ars et Inventio | Business Integration Partners

Chiara Brughera

Managing Director at SheTech

Michele Battista


Nicola Farronato

Head of Innovation team at Torino City Lab

Nicola Palumbo

CEO at Talent4gig
And 50 more… Take a look

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Each Idea Garage, although online, is tied to different Italian cities to engage local communities by local community partners.
Most of the sessions will be hands on mentoring and targeted to discuss individual ideas and provide learning value to the idea team and founders. Thus, we will not record this.
Startup Wise Guys is an international accelerator with a large team of various nationalities and English is the common language that we use. Our aim is to support and give feedback to founders who have global ambitions, thus English is the way forward. Furthermore, it allows to have a mentor and supporter network way beyond Italy.
Idea Garage is a 3-4h informal event after work on weekdays meant at getting feedback and initial mentoring. Ideas are pitched briefly in front of an online audience. It provides you an opportunity to get feedback from the panel (SWG, entrepreneurs, investors, etc.), improve your pitch and network.
No, all of JUMP program events are free of charge.
We want to keep this event informal and cosy, so teams can get very hands on mentoring, thus we are aiming at having maximum of 10 teams per Idea Garage.
A hackathon is a 48h event for teams to develop a prototype and validate their business or test new functionality, it can also serve well in finding potential co-founders or collaborators. During hackathon teams go through workshops, mentoring sessions, check-points and finish the event with Pitch/Demo Finals in front of a jury. An online hackathon takes place entirely online, ensuring team collaboration with various online tools such as Slack, Zoom; There will be prizes and best performing teams will be invited for Online Pre-accelerator.
There is no limitation, nor a minimum number. You will be able to apply to the online hackathon separately and compete for participation.
Yes, you can apply as a participant to Idea Garages or the Hackathon and find someone with an idea that you want to join, or simply listen to idea pitches.
both events are meant for individuals or teams with an idea or early MVP, who want to get insights and feedback, as well a find potential new members to join their team. Idea Garages focuses on giving the first feedback and polishing the problem/solution statements. However, during the hackathon teams will already have to build the first prototype and MVP over the 48h.
Startup Wise Guys is Europe’s leading B2B accelerator program. All digital B2B ideas/startups are welcome to apply.
We will open the applications to Online Hackathon in the middle of May.
No, you can only participate in one Idea Garage. If you have applied to more than one, we will notify you about the one you are selected for in an email.
No, slides are not compulsory, just make sure you are able to present your startup/idea in a clear and structured fashion in less than 3 minutes.

Reach out

Let’s help Italy get back on track together. If you want to offer your expertise as a mentor, please sign up here. If you want to otherwise support the program and the teams – please click on the button and give us a shout!

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