Cybersecurity trends and challenges by Jaanus Tamm

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We are starting CyberNorth, our first defense AI and cybersecurity focused program. The teams have been selected and you’ll hear about them soon, but on this note, we thought — who better to talk to for our next “5 wise minutes” than Jaanus Tamm, our Venture Partner at CyberNorth. He is a successful entrepreneur in security industry, an active Business Angel, and Head of Estonian Defense Industry Association. Jaanus is interviewed by our CyberNorth accelerator program Managing Director Farid Singh.

You are already breached..

If a decade ago most of cybersecurity protection for companies was focused on the virus detection and protection of the “outside” or so called perimeter, than nowadays the biggest change is inward facing. You cannot really talk about a perimeter anymore, as Jaanus puts it: “You have so many angles and positions where you can penetrate the networks so that it’s basically open constantly. Nowadays you can always consider that you are already breached, somebody is already in your network..”.

Or in other words — in cybersecurity it is not that much about letting people in, as about kicking unwanted guests out.

The human factor

Although cyber threats are often thought to be related to even smarter technologies and hackers, it is often the simple human factor and complexity of flow of information and devices used by employees or end users that pose the real threats to the companies. From computers and internet cables, we have moved to using phones, tablets, IoT devices, open networks, cloud on a daily basis. “Cyber is everywhere” says Jaanus and apart from threats it also gives endless opportunities to startups to merge different technologies and create cyber solutions for prevention, detection and protection.

For more wise thoughts and answer if the next unicorn will be from cyber, tune in to video with Jaanus.

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